Cool Program is drawn from recent student reviews – The Voyage Europe program gets noticed.

Voyager Europe

Each week the Cool Program is drawn from recent student reviews.  The Voyage Europe program gets are notice with reviews like: “Amazing Program With An Amazing Staff. Just Do It and One of the greatest experiences of my life, would highly recommend it.”

Where do Voyager Europe students study?
In summer 2017, students will study in Spain, Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy and many important European cities including Madrid, Berlin, Geneva, Paris, Milan, Florence and Barcelona.

They provide a unique experiential learning experience that includes curriculum enhancing cultural-immersion activities and amazing classes taught by world-renowned
professors on the campus of the College of International Studies (CIS) in Madrid.

Voyager Europe includes day trips, professional visits and cultural activities. We have an unrivaled itinerary, stay in first-class accommodations and travel between cities by trains and planes.

To learn more or apply to this program please visit: