IPSL Study Abroad: Connecting Education with Global Service

Embarking on a study abroad program with IPSL Global Engagement at Westminster University is more than just an educational endeavor—it’s a transformative journey that opens up a world of cultural exchanges and global perspectives. For those seeking a profound connection with global communities alongside their academic pursuits, IPSL offers a beacon of socially responsible education.

Bridging Academia and Global Service

For over four decades, The International Partnership for Service-Learning and Leadership has dedicated itself to integrating service learning with academic study, promoting a model where students don’t just learn about the world, but also contribute positively to it. Their programs, spanning across diverse locales including Japan, Colombia, Vietnam, Germany, and South Africa offer students a rich tapestry of cultural and educational experiences designed not just for academic enrichment but to instill a deep sense of civic responsibility and engagement through direct community involvement.

Four students from the IPSL study abroad program celebrate reaching the summit of Lion's Head with Cape Town and the Atlantic Ocean sprawling in the background.

IPSL students on Lion’s Head with Cape Town below—explore their South Africa program.

Learning Outside the Classroom

At the heart of IPSL’s ethos is the belief that education extends beyond the traditional classroom walls. This is exemplified in their wide range of programs that include volunteering, internships, fieldwork, and intensive language studies, all accredited and integrated with undergraduate and graduate coursework. This approach ensures that students’ experiences are both intellectually rigorous and socially impactful, allowing them to earn academic credits while making a tangible difference in the communities they serve.

Community Engagement and Social Justice

Student review with photo of IPSL's study abroad program in Guatemala

For the full student review of IPSL’s Guatemala study abroad program, click here.

Central to their mission is the promotion of equitable relationships and sustainable changes within global communities. Achieved through the Community Organizing and Social Activism (COSA) curriculum, IPSL equips students with the knowledge and skills to engage in social activism and community organizing effectively. By participating in these programs, students learn from and contribute to local initiatives, fostering a reciprocal relationship that benefits both the students and the host communities.

AmeriCorps Partnership: Expanding Opportunities

A unique feature of IPSL’s offerings is their partnership with AmeriCorps, which provides AmeriCorps alums with special benefits like priority admissions, application fee waivers, and even scholarships. This collaboration underscores IPSL’s commitment to accessible and impactful educational experiences, aligning with AmeriCorps’ vision of developing a leadership pipeline for the 21st century.

Students from the IPSL study abroad program actively participating in community service alongside local residents in Cusco, Peru, working on agricultural development.

Students engaged in service learning in Peru. Dive into their Cusco program for more on their transformative experiences.

Making a Difference with IPSL

Choosing an IPSL program means deciding to not only enhance your academic credentials but also to play a part in the global movement towards social justice and community empowerment. Whether it’s through volunteer hours, internships, or field studies, each student contributes to and benefits from the extensive network of NGOs and nonprofits partnered with IPSL.

How to Get Started

For students and university staff eager to explore what IPSL has to offer, begin your adventure by submitting an inquiry through the built-in forms on their program pages on StudyAbroad101. This initial step will provide you with tailored information directly from them, perfectly matching your academic and service interests. For further details and additional insights into their programs, feel free to visit IPSL’s official website.

Embrace the challenge of learning abroad with The International Partnership for Service-Learning and Leadership  and make your study period not just a time of academic growth, but also a transformative experience contributing to a greater good.