Trip to Bali! Part I

Submitted by Meg Bauer, Global Ambassador on Gold Coast, Australia

Beautiful Bali Beaches....

I recently came back from a week in Bali. I wasn’t sure about going at first since Bali after all is a third world country. Two American girls in a third world country? That just made me nervous. My American roommate, Allie, convinced me to go. I figured when else can I go to Bali this cheap? I later discovered that there are actually quite a few cheap holiday packages for Bali available through Expedia. They make it simple to order a hotel at the last minute, too. I got lucky and found a good deal this time, but if you plan on checking out Bali in the future, then you should definitely consider checking out the affordable hotel deals available online. They’ve pretty much got every place in the world covered, and you might be inspired to travel abroad just by browsing through some of their deals.

I know I’d never fly there from the US. Now, it just made sense that I HAD to go. We first flew to Perth because it was cheaper to fly to Bali from there than it was to fly from the Gold Coast. Below please see our adventures for the first few days in Bali. Check out the second half next week!

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