5 Awesome Travel Movies

So, you’ve decided to study abroad. The countdown to departure has begun and all you can think about is what it will be like to eat, sleep, study, party and play in your destination of choice. You’ve already Googled everything you can and watched plenty of YouTube videos on your new country. Have you looked up fun travel movies to watch? Here are 5 of (many) that are good picks. What else would you recommend? Leave a comment and tell us about others!

Fun Movies

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Sheryl’s Boys

In no particular order:

Midnight in Paris: This recent flick is for the Paris lovers and Woody Allen fans. Dripping in the sights and sounds of Paris, you could get lost in how much love people have for this city, throughout the world and throughout time.

L’auberge Espangnole (The Spanish Apartment): This is a foreign flick in subtitles yet gives a pretty good glimpse into apartment life with other international students. It’s not the most Oscar worthy film, but pretty entertaining especially if you’re interested in Barcelona.

Eat, Pray, Love: If you’re interested in solo, soul-finding travel, you may want to see this movie. (actually you should read the book first) Julia Roberts portrays Elizabeth Gilbert, a middle aged writer, living in New York, in need of a major life change. She travels through Italy,  India and Bali for one year to find herself, love and many other things.

Outsourced: This movie is about the growth and adjustment people go through when they travel abroad. A man at an American company is suddenly ordered to India so he can train those who will be serving as the outsourced customer service dept. While he highly resists India for the first half of the movie, he ends up loving his experience. This one comes highly recommended!

Lost in Translation: Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson make for an unlikely pair in this movie set in Tokyo, Japan. They’re both Americans who befriend each other when “stuck” in a foreign land for several months. Through travel, they get to know each other and themselves!