5 Ways to Overcome Homesickness as an International Student.

Studying abroad might seem like a delightful journey filled with great adventures and extraordinary times. But remember, with pros come the cons! And your study abroad trip will be no different, especially during the initial times when dealing with frequent bouts of homesickness. You will terribly miss your loved ones back home, and on some days, you might even want to run back to your home country.

You need to understand that homesickness is a universal experience, which almost everyone deals with when leaving the comfort of their homes, whether temporarily or permanently. However, its intensity varies from person to person. Some people can overcome it quickly within a few days or weeks, whereas some can take up to a few months or even a year to adjust to their new life.

So whether you are planning to move to a different country or have recently shifted there, you must be curious and avidly looking for ways to cope with homesickness. Bravo! You have come to the right spot. In this blog, we will suggest five effective ways for dealing with homesickness as an international student so that you can make the most out of your study overseas experience!

Release Your Emotions

In order to combat homesickness, first, you need to accept it and then relieve your feelings. Bottled up emotions will only make you feel worse about your situation, so it is advisable to pour your heart out. Cry and vent out your frustrations, talk to your family and friends, or even start writing your thoughts and feelings in a journal. It will impact your mood positively afterwards, and in the long run, you will be more at peace with yourself.

Bring Comfort Items to Your Student Housing

Well, you can’t bring your entire home or loved ones to your host country, but you certainly can bring your comfort items along to make you feel at home.

So when shifting to your student apartment in Sheffield or University of Southampton accommodation, bring your beloved white teddy bear, your favorite blue blanket, or your Grandma’s hand-knit floral sweater–which she gave you on your last birthday.

Don’t be afraid of what your roommate will think about you. The chances are they, too, have brought something similar to cheer them up! Moreover, you can decorate your student room just as you used to back home, like attaching fairy lights to the edge of the wall or getting some indoor plants to adorn your student room!

Stay Busy

When consumed with daily tasks and activities, you hardly have time to ponder upon your negative emotions. The everyday hustle and bustle will quickly make you accustomed to your new lifestyle without you even realizing it; thus, overcoming your homesickness in no time.

  • Join one or more student clubs or societies at your Uni depending on your interests, such as a guitar club, photography club, etc. These are also excellent places for networking and socializing with like-minded people.
  • Earn extra income by taking up a part-time job or an internship. Besides supporting you financially, working a job provides you with skills to add to your resume, which can help you bag a decent job after completing your course.
  • Immerse yourself in the local culture of your host country by trying out the local cuisines, learning the local language, making friends with the natives, checking out the nearby places and markets, etc.
  • Go out and explore your host country by planning trips with your friends. Travel off the beaten paths, beautiful countryside areas, famous tourist attractions, and more!

Remain in Contact with Your Loved Ones

We all are blessed enough to live in advanced times where no amount of distance can keep you away from interacting with your loved ones. So stay in touch with your family and friends through video calling on Skype or WhatsApp, talking on the phone, and even sending good old hand-written letters, which is an endearing way to preserve memories.

Well, it is essential to be in contact with your loved ones, but remember not to overdo it as it will only make you more homesick. So contact them every once in a while but not every day. Also, refrain from using social media platforms too often. Constantly checking what’s happening in the lives of your loved ones and watching them continue their lives without you can aggravate your homesickness, too.

Practice Self-Care

We can’t emphasize how it is vital to indulge in self-care practices. It is a great and productive way to eliminate your worries and stress and give yourself a prominent glow up.

So while sitting inside your student accommodation in Swansea watching a movie or casually passing the time on social media, rejuvenate yourself by practicing these tips provided below:

  • Eat healthy food every day. Avoid the urge of eating junk food frequently and prevent yourself from contracting the infamous ‘freshers flu.’
  • Take proper rest at night by sleeping for at least 7-8 hours so that you wake up fresh in the morning to begin your day.
  • Exercise daily to improve your sense of well-being. To remain calm and peaceful, you can also incorporate meditation into your everyday regime.
  • Maintain a gratitude journal and write five things about your host country every day for which you are grateful. That way, you will appreciate your new country and your new life.

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Author: Harshita Anand is a postgraduate in English Journalism and a graduate in Hospitality and Hotel Administration. She has worked in various industries and with people of diverse backgrounds. Her dynamic experience motivated her to learn new things every day and write passionately about them!