A Guide to IELTS 2022

To bolster your admission as an overseas student, you must exhibit an excellent spoken and written English level. Completing the IELTS(International English Language Testing System) Academic test will help you achieve this .

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a language proficiency test for those who want to study and work in nations where English is the official and spoken language prevalent. Many prestigious universities like Harvard University to University of Chicago (accommodation) accept this test.

IELTS is a relevant and reliable assessment of the four language competencies of hearing, reading, writing, and speaking. This article will teach you all you need to know about the IELTS exam, from exam format to suggestions and methods.

IELTS Format

There are two variations of the test, and which one you take is dependent on why you’re taking it.

  • IELTS Academic: Individuals who are planning to attend an English-language institution or academic establishment.
  • IELTS General Training — IELTS General Training is a test that assesses English proficiency in a real-world setting. Professional and social environments are reflected in the assignments and materials. Immigration to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Great Britain is possible with General Training.

Both variants examine the four abilities of reading, writing, speaking, and listening and assign a band score from 1 to 9. The test’s format, on the other hand, is vastly different.

Prerequisites for IELTS

There are no specific requirements for taking the IELTS exam. Candidates who want to establish their English language skills for any reason can take the IELTS exam. Nonetheless, this is not suggested for youngsters underneath the age of sixteen.

Exam Pattern for IELTS

Unlike the TOEFL, the Speaking module in IELTS is tested on a different day from the other three components. Reading, writing, and listening are the three modules that could be completed in one day.

The speaking module requires a separate appointment. The three courses that are scheduled on the same day have a time length of 2 hours 30 minutes. Everybody’s speaking module is varied in length, spanning between 10 to 20 minutes.

Tips to crack IELTS 2022

  • Use complex sentences whenever possible.

To obtain a reasonably good score on the IELTS exam, you must demonstrate your ability to construct complex sentences. As a result, remember to employ complicated sentences in your sentence structures.

So, what is a complicated sentence, and what is a simple one?

The “subordinating conjunctions” are used in complicated sentences. These “subordinating conjunctions” assist in the introduction of dependent clauses in sentences.

Please remember that you don’t have to employ really complex sentences all the time. Your compositions should contain a combination of fundamental and complex language to help the examiner understand the information. Furthermore, many learners mistake lengthy phrases with complex sentences.

Take this advice carefully if you wish to be in Nottingham university (accommodation) by the next admission session.

●       Understand Lipsing for the listening part

It is easier to grasp what is said if you pay close attention to the speaker’s lips moving. Nevertheless, viewing films and shows may also assist with pronunciation and comprehension. Next, turn on documentary films and watch short fiction and children’s movies.

When you move into a new University of Southampton (accommodation) next autumn and meet your new international peers, it will be a nice habit to get into.

●       Additional writing isn’t necessarily preferable.

The evaluator will be more concerned with quality than with volume. Don’t attempt to write as much as feasible because more words on every exercise will not improve your score. Your grade will be determined by your writing abilities, not by how much you can write. People with a more robust command of the English language will have much more opportunities to write because they will be less likely to need to double-check their writing.

Consider the evaluator and make good use of paragraphs.

Your work will be graded quickly by the examiner. It would be best if you made an initial favorable outlook, and in our opinion, the easiest way to do so is to provide a well-structured written text with properly thought out paragraphs. As a result, the examiner will be in your favor.

You must make effective use of those paragraphs. This implies that each paragraph should focus on a single main reference. It also implies that the examiner must be able to recognize that concept right away. They aren’t planning to come back and read it again and again. Strive for objectivity.


Any aspirant student’s ambition is to obtain a degree from a reputable international university. After years of hard work, the preparations come to a conclusion. We hope this article helps you in understanding this prestigious exam and its requirements.



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