Lady Gaga Concert in Brisbane!

-Submitted by Meg Bauer, Abroad101’s Global Ambassador in the Gold Coast
So, if you didn’t know I am obsessed with Lady Gaga! When she came to Pittsburgh, I tried so hard to get tickets. Tickets went on sale at 10:00 and I called at 10:03, and they were SOLD-OUT!! I was so depressed.
Before I left for Australia, I knew Lady Gaga was going to start her “Born This Way” tour in Asia and knew she’d be in Australia around the time I was getting ready to leave. Her tour dates weren’t announced yet when I first got here. So she announced her concert dates for Australia, and one was Brisbane. She would be in Brisbane while I was still here! When I found that out, I just HAD to get tickets!! My friend, Trevor, and I decided we would go together! Yay! I bought my ticket in March, so all I could think about for 3 months was the Lady Gaga concert.
It was finally the day of the concert! I put on my most fierce outfit and was ready to go! The crowd was intense. She sold-out all three shows in Brisbane! The only disappointment was the costumes of the fans at the concert. I know at home, they’re way more creative and crazy. The concert started off with a bang. Lady Gaga came in riding a horse! I knew from that moment, the concert was going to be amazing. I was right, the concert was incredible!! Her outfits were also fabulous, of course!  The audience was on their feet all night!

My favorite part was when she sang “Hair.” She really related to the fans during this song. I look very emotional at the part. First, fans threw stuff on the stage to her. One guy through a jacket he made her, and she even wore it on stage. She then talked about suicide and had us say a prayer to “what god we believe or don’t believe in” to all the people out there who don’t feel like they matter. That part really got me. She’s such a strong activist for bullying and suicide prevention. It’s so amazing how she really wants everyone to relate to her. Lady Gaga told us to make a promise to her, and that was to follow our dreams, just like she did.

At one point she even had the Australian flag and was dancing around with that. Then, she concluded her concert but not without an encore. I really thought she was done, because she said “last song,” but then came out and did two more songs!! That’s why I love Lady Gaga, she never ceases to amaze me. Then, it was over. It was really cool to see a concert in a different country. I hope she comes to Pittsburgh during this tour, so I can compare the two. That was seriously the best concert I’ve ever been to.  Nothing will ever top that. It was worth every penny and more.This was my last fun thing I get to do here in Australia. Now it’s time for a few finals, then I have to get ready to leave. At least that concert topped off my entire stay here.