What is there to do in Chengdu, China?

Chengdu is one of the big cities in China so there is a lot to do. In my short five weeks, I found several must-see sights you have to do when you visit Chengdu.


Chengdu, China

Hangin’ at the park in Chengdu!

1) Parks: Chengdu has so many parks!!!! And every park is so unique and amazing.

I went to 2 parks while at my stay in Chengdu.

My favorite by far was Ren Min Park. First off it is completely free to get in and there is so much to do there. It was so good that I went back twice more. The first time I went I actually joined in a Chinese flash mob to the song…Milkshake by Kelis as the intro song.




The second park I went to was the Bamboo Park, which cost 12 RMB. It was also awesome. There was a lake where me and my two other friends rented a Chinese boat and rowed around.

2)  Happy Valley: This is the main amusement park in Chengdu! I know what you’re thinking. You are in China, why go to an amusement park? But it isn’t just a plain old amusement park. There is a strip of outdoor shops right outside of the park and a movie theater, a performance theater, and a sky diving arena. And inside the park is an ice house!!! There are also these amazing coconuts that they drill a hole in so you can drink out of a fresh coconut.

Chengdu, China amusement park

Happy Valley in Chengdu, China!










3) Panda Research Institute: This place is amazing!!! I can’t even describe it in words but this is definitely a must-see site. This is one thing you have to do if you go to Chengdu.

Chengdu, China Panda

Beautiful Chengdu, China Panada











4) Yellow Dragon River:





Chengdu, China

Yellow Dragon River!













5)  Mt. Qincheng:





Chengdu, China

Mt. Qincheng in Chengdu, China!













6) Emei Shan: To climb to the top of the mountain is nearly 18 miles!!! Myself and my five other friends did it. It took probably 9 hours but it was totally worth it and the climb was so much fun.

Chengdu, China

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