gtrot For Study Abroad Students: Since You’re Globetrotting Anyway

Kamaria Gboro is the newest member to the gtrot community team. She recently graduated from the University of Missouri and manages gtrot’s social media accounts. She loves fashion, cupcakes and technology. Connect with her on gtrot’s Facebook or Twitter. Follow her @kamariagboro.

Studying abroad automatically puts you in the globetrotting category! gtrot (short for globetrotting), is a social travel site that encourages sharing your trips with friends and finding friends in your destination. You login with Facebook (we don’t bite or spam) and we take the data you’ve provided to Facebook as a basis for your profile. gtrot is perfect for student travelers! It gives students a chance to share their trips with their family and friends. Most of us have more friends on Facebook than in our immediate friendship circles. Once you share your trip with your Facebook friends, they can offer advice. What’s great about this is that you get advice and recommendations from the people you know and trust, rather than complete strangers from travel review sites.Maybe one of your friends had the best chocolate in France or saw an amazing exhibit in Madrid; this is why gtrot is here. We want your friends to share those experiences with you. Your friends who have traveled to the same city, or in some cases live in that city will show up as well.

One of our newest features is the “Insider’s Guides”. If you share your trip with gtrot, which really means sharing your destination and travel dates, to one of our selected destinations, we’ll send you an exclusive guide to the city. Cool, right? The guides are delivered through email and you’ll be able to take them around the town with you. We’ve compiled recommendations from gtrot users with experience in those cities. These guides give you amazing places to eat, shop, party and explore! The Insider’s Guides are not your average travel guides. Sourced from young, social travelers, you’ll find off-the-beaten path activities, events and experiences. We’ll be expanding the guides to cover more cities, but for now we chose eight of the top summer destinations: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Beijing, London, Madrid, Paris, Rome and Shanghai.

Studying abroad is one of the great opportunities college students have. Study abroad programs make it easier for students when it comes to planning, housing, etc. In most study abroad programs, there is time set aside for exploration with your group/class. This works in favor of those who don’t like to explore the city independently while traveling. We want you to get the most out of your study abroad experience, so utilizing gtrot and the Insider’s Guides will help make your experience even better! Share your study abroad trip with us, and we’ll send you something special! Happy travels and travel happy!