Abroad101 Featured Blog 2011 – Go! Girl Guides!

Kelly Lewis and Go! Girl Guides

Abroad101′s Featured Blogs promotes leading blogs in the international education and travel space that showcase stories, news, or advice that help others to gain a global perspective. Here are some featured questions taken from an interview conducted with a blog that does just that!

1. Who are you, and what makes your blog unique?

My name is Kelly Lewis, and my blog, Go! Girl Guides, is dedicated to empowering women to travel the world. To do this, we have started the world’s first series of travel guidebooks made just for women. We focus on safety, affordability and being awesome.

2. What are your goals behind your blog & where do you draw inspiration for stories?

We write about all things travel—how to leave behind a boyfriend, how to quit your job to travel, what to do if you get a UTI while on the road, etc. We have an awesome team of bloggers who are training to be guidebook writers and each week we discuss what we’ll write about for the week.

3. What have been some of your favorite stories?

I love stories that show how possible it is to travel the world. Real-life accounts of how to save money, what it’s like to leave behind your family, your job, your dog, etc., and just taking the leap.

4. Do you follow other blogs in the space (study abroad, travel, volunteer abroad, etc)?  If so, what attracts you to those?

I always have my nose in the travel blogosphere. I love informative, slightly sassy blog posts that talk about travel in a real way. It’s not just for trust-fund babies or the retired, everyone has the ability to travel the world—and should!

5. What’s your favorite part about keeping a blog?

I like interacting with our audience. It makes my heart jump a little every time I see a new comment from a new user. Our community is pretty freakin’ rad.

6. What suggestions would you give to blog writers out there?

Don’t give up after the first 6 months! Too often, bloggers start out strong, but get discouraged and give up. If you’re blogging to make money, you’ve got a long road ahead of you. Instead, come into it with an open mind and the aim to make some friends and talk about your passions. If the money comes, it won’t come for at least 8 months—stick it out!

Go! Girl Guides is the first series of travel guide books made for women. They are getting ready to launch their first book on Thailand, this fall.