USA Car Trip: 5 Ideas to Feel the American Spirit!

A car with bicycles mounted on the back driving along a road through a scenic canyon with steep red cliffs and green foliage under a partly cloudy sky.

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Hollywood and the Grand Canyon, Disney World and Niagara Falls, Alcatraz and Manhattan, the historic Route 66 and the Appalachian Trail – America is the champion in the number of world-famous destinations. The country is romanticized, idolized and sometimes disliked, but thoughts of the United States evoke warm feelings even in an experienced traveller.

Each of the 50 states has its own character, each of the American cities has a special atmosphere, and literally everything can be found in a huge territory. If you are adventurous and want to feel the true spirit of the USA then it would be a great idea to rent a car and try some iconic experiences…

Create your own list of top national parks

A colourfully painted van with open doors parked in a sunny forest clearing, with a person standing by the vehicle arranging items in the trunk, surrounded by tall pine trees and large rocks on the ground.

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If you compare the unique landscapes with other planets, then the United States is the whole galaxy. From Maine to Alaska, and from California to Florida, you’ll find fantastically beautiful national parks. They usually have a well-developed road network, making a rental car the most convenient way to explore them.

The dizzying bends of the Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon in Arizona, the Yellowstone geysers, the lakes and cliffs of Yosemite, the Saguaro cactus forests, the Glacier Bay in Alaska and Death Valley – you obviously won’t be able to see all this even in a week. Of course, but now you know exactly what you will do on your next trip to the USA!

Try your luck

The iconic "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada" sign illuminated at dusk with the brightly lit skyline of Las Vegas and a striking sunset in the background, casting a warm glow over the silhouetted mountains.Photo Credit: Source

The Sin City welcomes you with slot machines right at the airport. In Las Vegas itself, the pursuit of luck will lure even the most non-gambling travellers. So, don’t miss to try your luck: fortunately, the minimum bets start from less than a dollar.

Celebrating a win or forgetting a failure is easy on the Las Vegas Strip. Here you will find everything – from hotel copies of Paris and Venice to the Cirque du Soleil show and the enchanting Bellagio fountains on the lake. If you get tired of this madness, then find cheap car rentals in Las Vegas for under 25 on and go explore the desert. Not far from the city there are such interesting places as Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Red Rock Canyon and much more.

Stroll through the iconic sites of the capital

The Washington Monument stands tall against a pastel-hued sky at dusk, with the Lincoln Memorial visible in the distance. People are scattered across the National Mall's open grassy field, enjoying the tranquil evening.Photo Credit: Source

Washington is a small Europe in big America. After such a metropolis as Vegas, the measured rhythm of the capital is confusing. However, you really have nowhere to rush: the walk from the White House to the Capitol will take half an hour, and the free museums, memorials and monuments of the National Mall Park can be explored at any time.

Want to find out how the locals live? Go to the Georgetown area. It houses old architecture and trendy cafes, boutiques and university dormitories. Be sure to try tasty cupcakes: Georgetown Cupcake even had its own TV show, although locals prefer Baked and Wired.

Attending a concert, theatre or stand-up show will perfectly complement your evening experience – even if you’ve spent everything on cupcakes, there are free events in the US capital too.

Dine with a celebrity

A black and yellow Bugatti Veyron parked on a city street, with palm trees and luxury storefronts lining the road, and promotional movie posters visible in the background.

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In order to feel in seventh heaven, pick up a convertible car rental and drive to Los Angeles with a breeze along the legendary Route 66. Make sure this is not a dream by visiting the Griffith Park: the giant Hollywood sign in front of you confirms that dreams do come true.

If you have dreamed of seeing a celebrity since childhood, go for a morning run to Runyon Canyon Park, where Hollywood celebrities often appear. The main thing is to recognize celebrities without makeup. Also, there’s a great chance to admire them in the TCL Chinese Theatre – even if you are not lucky, you will definitely see your favourite actors at least on the screen.

Also, in Los Angeles, you have access to an alternative celebrity hunt. Head to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where Johnny Depp, Marilyn Monroe and even Mickey Mouse are waiting for you. For a selfie with a celebrity, you can go to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

Choose your ideal beach

People enjoy a vibrant sunset at the beach with hues of purple and orange in the sky. A fisherman in a red shirt casts his line near the surf, while two others walk along the water's edge, and further in the distance, several oil platforms dot the horizon over the ocean.Photo Credit: Source

Most travellers don’t think of America as a purely beach destination, but there are countless places to swim and surf in the United States. Just rent a car and you can easily find a suitable beach literally wherever you go.

If your priority is tanning and a flashy bikini, head to Hawaii. In order to combine swimming with a visit to coastal cities, choose California or Florida: Malibu and Miami Beach have already become synonymous with cool beaches.

For extraordinary photos, go to the Fort Bragg resort in California. MacKerricher National Park near this town has an amazing Glass Beach, where you will find thousands of multi-coloured smooth glass polished with sea water instead of pebbles.

Even mega-employed New Yorkers have their own little island of paradise: on weekends, locals go to the beaches of East Hampton, located a couple of hours’ drive from the city.