Unusual Study Abroad Destinations That Offer Unique Learning Experiences

Study abroad is a novel experience; you engulf yourself in a different culture and learn how to embrace diversity.

And if it’s a unique destination, your study abroad journey will have a lot of exciting adventures. You may find yourself absorbed in the best experiences and going home with new ideas on the world.

Now let’s take a look at some lesser-known study-abroad destinations that have a lot to offer students but are rarely addressed. We will discuss convincing reasons why you should consider studying in these countries as well as the interesting experiences you may expect. Continue reading!

5 Unique Destinations that Offer a Great Learning Experience

Here are five novel study abroad destinations you can explore:

1. Hong Kong

Asia’s most diverse and vibrant city, Hong Kong, is well known for its study-work-life and young culture. People from around the world who want to live a fun and fulfilling life come here to experience Asian culture, heritage, and most importantly, the diverse fusion of different worlds in one place.

Since Hong Kong is considered one of the most expensive cities in Asia, many prominent institutions and universities provide scholarships to international students in order to lessen their financial burdens.

Why should you study here?

  • When it comes to safety, Hong Kong has relatively low rates of violent crime and solid law and order so that you may roam around the city at night without fear.
  • Hong Kong is the ideal center of educational opportunities for those seeking a rich experience, offering top-notch education in universities like University of Hong Kong & The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
  • Hong Kong is also known as the New York of Asia, and just like Juilliard dorms in New York, if you look hard enough, you can find safe, reasonably priced housing that is also student-friendly.

2. The Netherlands

The Netherlands, a country with breathtaking scenery and charming alleys typical of  Europe, is a great place for students looking for something new to do.

The Netherlands is also well-known for its traditional culture, vibrant atmosphere, and unique cuisine and lifestyle. Studying at a university in the Netherlands allows you to develop your skills through creative techniques that prioritize student-centered learning and go beyond the traditional curriculum.

Why should you study here?

  • The sustainable cost of living in the Netherlands is, on average, 14.8% less than that of the US, thanks to study prices that are lower than those of any other English-speaking nation.
  • You can experience the variety of interactive teaching approaches along with scholarships that Dutch universities provide in order to complement your knowledge.
  • A great chance to travel around other European countries. Travelling for students is a lot cheaper once you sign up for the student passes.

3. South Korea

South Korea stands out as a unique but enriching country that provides excellent learning opportunities, despite being typically overlooked in traditional study abroad options. South Korea is currently one of the most popular countries among young people due to its pop culture, and you may become interested as well. However, most importantly, the country is famed for its technological advancements and strong educational standards.

In South Korea, education is regarded as humanity’s greatest asset. With the unique blend of modernity and culture, as well as the friendly inhabitants, South Korea is a unique study abroad destination that offers an unparalleled educational experience.

Why should you study here?

  • The country prioritizes students in many ways, like offering student discount on food, easy financial aids, student travelling passes, etc. to make student life hassle free.
  • An additional benefit of choosing South Korea as your study destination is the Korean language, Hangul, which presents a unique learning experience.
  • Artistic degrees like degrees in Piano, Ballet, Cultural dance, etc. in South Korea are highly valued which is quite a cultural shock for other countries.

4. Austria

Austria, which is tucked away in the center of Europe, is known for its outstanding scenery, rich cultural history, and dedication to academic success. The nation offers a stimulating environment for students interested in the humanities and arts.

Austria is a unique study-abroad destination that offers an exceptional educational experience due to its unique combination of cultural richness, intellectual rigor, and scenic beauty.

Why should you study here?

  • It is well-known for its contributions to classical music, art, and philosophy. Furthermore, Austria is a great place to study environmental science, engineering, and technology because of its focus on innovation and sustainability.
  • Outside of the classroom, students can take part in outdoor activities against the backdrop of the Alps, discover historic towns like Vienna and Salzburg, and become fully immersed in the dynamic local cultures.
  • Austria is the most budget friendly destination; the inexpensive education system comes with a high standard of living, clearly a win-win situation.

5. New Zealand

For those who are willing to experience the wild, New Zealand, which is often left out among the many study abroad options, offers a unique educational opportunity.

Selecting New Zealand as your study abroad location ensures that you will receive an education that goes beyond textbooks and embraces the distinctive cultural and environmental richness of the nation.

Why should you study here?

  • The country’s welcoming and inclusive society, combined with its outdoor-loving lifestyle, creates an atmosphere that is ideal and safe.
  • The universities in New Zealand provide excellent education in a beautiful natural environment, with an emphasis on innovation and research. Just like at Harvard University, accommodation for international students is easily accessible.
  • Beyond its traditional academic offerings, if you’re interested in outdoor leisure, conservation, and marine biology, New Zealand is the best destination.


Hong Kong, the Netherlands, South Korea, Austria, and New Zealand are all very different from one another. Each has a different culture and unique, outstanding learning experiences.

Exploring these unusual study abroad countries will provide exclusive learning opportunities and an intriguing trip that goes beyond standard educational pursuits.


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