Discover Spain’s Hidden Gem, A Coruña! Improve Your Spanish Through True Immersion with Linguistic Horizons Study Abroad & Internship Programs

Are you dreaming of studying abroad in Spain? Is significantly improving your Spanish a top priority? Look no further than A Coruña, a coastal non-touristy gem in the northwest corner of the Iberian Peninsula. With Linguistic Horizons, you’ll not only expand your language skills but also experience the warmth of Spanish hospitality, build lifelong friendships, and create unforgettable memories.

Embark on a life-changing adventure with Linguistic Horizons’ study abroad and internship programs, and discover the beauty of A Coruña.

  • The Enchanting City of A Coruña is a captivating mix of history, fun nightlife, and beautiful beaches. Wander through the charming Old Town, with its narrow cobblestone streets, tapas bars, and historical sites. Coruña is also home to the world’s oldest working Roman lighthouse, the Tower of Hercules from 1AD! It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage site. The vibrant waterfront promenade, sandy beaches, and bustling marina provide the perfect backdrop for leisurely strolls, a night on the town, picturesque sunsets, and water sports.

  • Learn Spanish in a Truly Authentic Environment – There’s no better way to learn Spanish than by immersing yourself in the language and culture. Coruña is off the beaten English-speaking tourist path and it’s an excellent place to develop your Spanish language skills. Linguistic Horizons’ programs are designed to facilitate rapid language acquisition through practical experience, and conversation focused interactive Spanish lessons. While living and studying in A Coruña, you’ll be fully immersed in the Spanish language, learning from native speakers and practicing your skills in everyday situations.


  • Internship Opportunities to Boost Your Career – Linguistic Horizons connects students with tailored internship placements in all fields, including but not limited to business, marketing, non-profit work, engineering, physical therapy, veterinary sciences and more. Gain valuable work experience and improve your Spanish language skills while building your professional network in a global setting.


  • Social Integration and Cultural Immersion To truly experience the Spanish way of life, you’ll need to dive into the local customs and traditions. Linguistic Horizons organizes cultural activities, such as conversational exchanges, tapas nights, museum visits, and wine tastings, to help you explore the rich and diverse Spanish culture. Make lifelong friendships with fellow students and locals as you share memorable experiences together.

  • Explore the Stunning Galician Region – A Coruña’s well connect location makes it the perfect base for exploring the breathtaking Galician region. Visit Santiago de Compostela, famous for its stunning cathedral and the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route, or venture to the mesmerizing landscapes of Rías Baixas, known for its picturesque fishing villages and delicious Albariño wines.

By choosing Linguistic Horizons’ study abroad and internship programs, you’ll embark on an unforgettable adventure in A Coruña, Spain. Immerse yourself in the Spanish language, culture, and lifestyle, while creating cherished memories and forging lifelong connections. Begin your journey with Linguistic Horizons today and discover the magic of A Coruña!

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