Making A Productive Study Area At Home

Your study area can make a considerable difference to how productive you are. Research done by Udemy found that 52% of people easily got distracted if the area where they were working was noisy. Harvard University found that 70% of people working in an open-plan space, like a cafe or a college library had difficulty concentrating. Creating a dedicated study area at home can help you to be more productive when you are learning, so that you can work effectively and achieve your goals.

Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels

A dedicated space
You might not be able to put by a whole room for an office, but you could look at adapting a small space for a desk in your home. The area under the stairs can be used for a desk and drawers, or you might be able to turn an existing bookshelf into a desk, or even create a “cloffice” from a closet. Having a dedicated space to work will help you to set some boundaries, so you don’t easily get distracted by what is going on around you.
Comfort and clutter
Once you have your area for studying in, make sure that it is free from clutter and only has the items that you need for learning. A recent study published in the scientific journal Computers in Human Behaviour found that having your cellphone nearby, even if you weren’t using it, reduces memory and attention. A good chair is essential when you are working. If you aren’t sitting comfortably, then it is immediately difficult to concentrate, especially if you are hoping to study for long periods of time. It is worth investing in a suitable office chair that provides a good level of support – an office chair is better for your posture than an ordinary dining chair.
Color and lighting
Ideally, you should have a source of natural light in your study area. If this is not possible try and avoid having fluorescent lighting in your work space. This can cause glare on computer screens and make you feel tired quicker. You should also consider the color of your study area – although red is a positive color, it has been shown to raise blood pressure and stress levels. You should ideally have a space that is painted in calming shades of whites, yellow and blue. Using scarves and fabric is an effective way of bringing soft colors into your study area.
When you are working and learning, it is important to have a dedicated area that is free from distractions. Creating a study space will make concentrating easier, and help you to be more productive.