Top 5 Universities In London.

Many students look up to London as their ideal destination when it comes to studying abroad. Are you mulling over the same? Captivating, isn’t it? To live and study in the multicultural metropolis that London is. London is one of the world’s most prominent capitals; from its profound cultural history, making it one of the most popular tourist spots, packed shopping areas, and leading financial district, you’ll find everything you need in London without breaking a sweat.

If you’re preparing to study abroad in London, however, you will need to know which of its numerous universities is best for you. Whether you wish to get into a specialist or multidisciplinary university, central or more suburban neighborhood, or the opportunity to blend a flexible education program with your career, your possibilities of finding a desirable match in the UK capital are endless.

There are approximately 40 institutions in and around London, all with unique strengths. In an attempt to help you clear your mind, we’ve jotted down a list of 5 of the best universities in London.


  1. Imperial College London

Even amongst London’s deep and rich pool of top Universities, the Imperial College London is a notch above. The highest-ranking university in London is also revered globally, sitting at no 8th in the world.

Imperial College London is a preeminent research institute that authenticated abiding schooling and research traditions in science, medicine, and engineering. Imperial’s teaching techniques expose you to complex challenges in the real world, opening up doors to work with international teams filled with diverse cultures.

Founded in 1907 after an alliance between the Royal School of Mines and the City & Guilds College, and the Royal College of Science. Imperial’s main campus is located in the heart of the city. Imperial is a highly lucrative destination for international students- with over 59% of its student body being outside of the UK and over 140 countries are presently represented on their numerous campuses. With such a surge of students, Imperial College dorms are always at full capacity. But, don’t worry, you can easily find affordable and comfortable private student accommodation near Imperial College London.

The esteemed university has produced many renowned graduates including 29 Nobel Prize winners and prestigious Fellowships (Royal Society, Royal Academy of Engineering, Academy of Medical Sciences).

Most notable alumni of Imperial College London – H.G. Wells (Author), John Ambrose Fleming (Physicist), Thomas Henry Huxley (biologist), Brian May (Musician), etc.


  1. University College London

University College London (UCL) is the second-ranked University in London and regarded as the 10th best University in the world. UCL is remarkably attractive to international students, accounting for more than 48% of its student body. In addition, UCL boasts a high percentage of PG students – approximately 46%.

The University College London was founded in 1826, becoming the first higher education institution established in London.  UCL is situated in the heart of Bloomsbury in London’s West End, home to several famous tourist spots, theatres, and government organizations. You can always stay near the city centre & university campus as there are countless student accommodations near UCL to choose from.

UCL is often called “London’s global university” because its multicultural campus fascinates students from more than 150 countries and collaborations with over 300 foreign institutions. Among the UCL graduates, around 29 Nobel Prize Laureates further cementing the University’s reputation.

Most notable alumni of University College London– Otto Hahn (Radioactivity pioneer), John Stuart Mill (Philosopher), Christopher Nolan ( Film Director), Alexander Graham Bell (Scientist), etc.


  1. London School of Economics and Political Science

Since its establishment in 1895, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) has been a pioneer in social sciences, emerging as a hotspot for STEM fields.

LSE is the fourth highest-ranked University in London, ranking 49th in the world in 2020. It’s regarded even higher when it comes to certain individual subject rankings, exhibiting its role as a world leader in subjects such as politics, sociology, anthropology, law and accounting.

LSE’s educational facilities comprise over 200 research centers, including the Centre for Women, Peace and Security, and the Centre for Economic Performance. LSE is also one of the biggest multicultural institutions, with over 100 languages spoken on its campus.

The University’s location in the vicinity of the city centre makes it a great spot for students. With the rise of Purposely built student accommodation (PBSA), you wouldn’t have to worry about finding a student property near the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Throughout its history, LSE has had students from around 140 countries worldwide and has produced nearly 40 members of the House of Lords, 30 members of the House of Common, and 16 Nobel Prize winners amongst its alumni.

Most Notable alumni of London School of Economics and Political Science –  James O’Brien (Author/Journalist), Sir William Arthur Lewis (Economist), Sir Mick Jagger (Musician), Angelina Jolie (Actress), etc.


  1. King’s College London


The King’s College London was founded in 1829 with a declaration by King George IV and the Duke of Wellington. King’s College London continues to add to its reputation as one of the most honored higher education universities in the UK and globally- ranked at 7th in the UK and 31st in the world.

The University is one of the most ancient in England. It is one of the most culturally diverse UK universities, with more than 27,600 students from 150 countries worldwide and a massive staff of 6,800.

King’s has a special status for world-class education and groundbreaking research. King’s was listed 6th nationally in the ‘power’ ranking of 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF), which counts both the quantity and quality of research project and 7th for quality according to Times Higher Education rankings.

It has an exceptional reputation for law and the sciences, humanities, including health sciences. King’s College London has five campuses across London- cited as the most central university in London- four of which are especially close together by the River Thames. As a result, it’s near iconic structures such as Tower Bridge, the London Eye and Big Ben. You can explore and pick the best private student halls near King’s College London without much hassle and live a comfortable academic life.

Most notable alumni of King’s College London – John Keats (Poet), Rosalind Franklin (Chemist), Florence Nightingale (Social reformer), Virginia Woolf (Author), etc.


  1. Queen Mary University of London

Youngest of the top 5 universities in London, Queen Mary University (QMUL), was founded in 1989, but you can track its origins back to 1785. Queen Mary was established through the progressive merger of four medical colleges; The Royal Hospital of St Bartholomew, London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary College and Westfield College.

Queen Mary is ranked 5 in London and 114th in the world in 2021. QMUL offers degrees and research across several subjects, including medicine and dentistry at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry. Of QMUL’s 27,000 students, about 4,000 are completing collaborative programs abroad in France, China, and Greece.

Queen Mary’s principal campus is located in East London. The location is close to some of the notable landmarks, including Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane. Due to its proximity to the city’s unique features, you can experience a good time while studying here. In addition, you can easily locate the best and affordable student accommodation near Queen Mary University.

Most notable alumni of Queen Mary University– Roy Strong (Art historian), Sir Malcolm Bradbury (Author), Jay Sean (Singer), Hugh Watkins (Cardiologist), etc.




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