Top 5 most affordable UK cities to study abroad in 2021

The UK is now one of the most famous study abroad destinations in the world. However, choosing a city to settle in and another city for the studies can be a difficult choice. Every UK city has its traditions, history, and way of life. Nonetheless, every city is enticing, and the options seem to be endless.

One of the most incredible benefits of studying abroad is the opportunity to engage with and learn about other cultures and languages. It’s not only a chance to cross items off the bucket list; it’s also an incentive to develop in ways you never could. All of this will be a watershed moment in your life and a mind-blowing experience.


 Cardiff is one of the most sought-after destinations for international students. So if studying in a fantastic, jaw-dropping city isn’t enough to persuade you, we thought we’d give you some insight into this lovely place. When you study in Cardiff, you will be in the heart of the essential sites to guide your educational needs. There are numerous libraries, local businesses, and assistance networks that could help you as you pursue your education.

Finding suitable student accommodation in Cardiff can be tedious, but it should not be taken lightly. Several student halls in Cardiff offer uber affordable facilities. In addition, many of the world’s most prestigious universities, like, Cardiff and Vale College, the University of Wales and Cardiff University, etc, have student hostels in Central Cardiff.


 Sheffield is the third-largest city in the United Kingdom by population and is situated in South Yorkshire. Sheffield also serves as a regional center for both manufacturing and other commercial endeavors. Manufacturing and education are some of the most important industries in the region. The city is home for- Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam University, two of the world’s most well-known universities.

Each year, approximately 6,500 students from all over the globe attend both of these universities. Laycock Studios, Sheffield, and Mary Page House, Sheffield are two places in Sheffield where you can find inexpensive student housing. Sheffield student housing is clean, inexpensive, and convenient.

Student Accommodation in Sheffield offers a wide range of spacious, luxury, and budget-friendly en-suites, condos, and shared apartments for students to select. Student apartments in Sheffield cost between £80 and £200 a week, including all expenses.

Students may also choose from university-provided student houses or student halls in Sheffield. However, these student residences are very costly, and they can lack the features and other student perks that private student accommodation in Sheffield provides. So do your homework to find the student housing in Sheffield that you like.


 Nottingham is in the East Midlands, 206 kilometers north of London, 72 kilometers northeast of Birmingham, and 90 kilometers southeast of Manchester. Nottingham is known for its variety of tourist destinations in addition to its rich heritage and culture. The City of Caves and Highfields Parks are two of the most well-known tourist destinations in the United Kingdom, attracting thousands of visitors each year. In 2015, UNESCO designated Nottingham as the “City of Literature.”

Nottingham Trent University and the University of Nottingham are among the finest universities in the UK, enticing undergraduate and postgraduate students to the city every year. Student living options in Nottingham are very safe, affordable, and luxurious.

Students in Nottingham should not have to worry about finding a place to stay because there is a wide variety of high-end and affordable student studios in Nottingham.

Nottingham student accommodation includes:

  • Opulent, spacious, and cost-effective non-suites.
  • En-suites.
  • Condos.
  • Communal apartments.

All of the rooms have been built with the students’ convenience and wellbeing in mind. Private student housing in Nottingham is generally in higher demand because it has many lucrative discounts and offers for students’ good, and it is often more affordable.

The student life in the city is rich in music, entertainment, shopping streets, restaurants, nightlife, architecture, and cafes. From screaming your heart out at the Glee Club or Just the Tonic Comedy Club to partying your heart out at the Rose & Crown or Mooch, there’s plenty for everybody.

Nottingham also has a diverse variety of dining choices to choose from. From foreign franchises and fast food stores and shops, there’s plenty for everybody. So go to Bramleys Brasser or Sanchans and treat your taste buds to some authentic Thai cuisine! Grab a few fantastic bargains at the city’s bustling shopping district, or take in several shows at Nottingham.


 Bristol, one of England’s burgeoning cities, the city’s ushering in a new age in aerospace innovation, electronics, advertising, and communication. It’s a city that straddles the line between urban architecture and historical artifacts. There are several world-renowned educational institutions in the region, including the University of Bristol and the University of West England, to name a few. These universities are well-known, with an average enrollment of around 5000-6000 overall students through various degrees. The city remains a major market center with a few key locations with affordable and private student housing.

You need not worry about searching for student accommodations in Bristol. Many private rentals in Bristol are available in the city of Bristol. Finding suitable student housing in Bristol can be a challenge, but it is not impossible. Bristol’s student accommodation is inexpensive in the UK, with options such as Hotwells House, Bristol, Centre Gate, and The Colston.

The University of Bristol and the University of West England are also close by, to these private student housing properties. Furthermore, the city center is just a few bus stops away from these student residences. There are several en-suites, condos, and apartments available, all of which are comfortable, convenient, and affordable.

Bristol is one of the best student living spots because of its vibrant atmosphere, stunning scenery, twisting highways, and outstanding education. Are you wondering who you’ll spend your college life in Bristol with? Don’t be concerned! Joining a group is a great way to meet new people while at university, and the University of Bristol has over 290 societies to choose from.

There’s still a club for you if you want to try your hand at cooking, dancing, or screenwriting. Bristol is a home for football fanatic. About 60 sports clubs are administered by the university, including team and individual sports like archery and darts.


 As the capital of the prosperous Yorkshire country, Leeds is unquestionably one of England’s most diverse and lively cities.

Private Student rooms in Leeds are ideal for students who want to keep their privacy while also having fun. Student flats in Leeds all come with a fully loaded kitchen, smart TV, bed, and en suite bathroom, so you’ll never have to share or conceal your food.

Bakery 164, located on Woodhouse Road, is a student favourite for a campus lunch and is within walking distance of both the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett campuses.

Choose any sandwich filling; they’re all delicious, and it’s always worth the wait, no matter how busy it is. Dough Boys Pizza and Patty Smiths’ burger bar are located at Belgrave Music Hall, located farther into the city center.

Belgrave is a perfect spot for a chilled beer, some inexpensive and happy food (half-price pizza slices are available every day until the evenings), or a night out on their rooftop terrace. The Belgrave Feast, a street food market held every second Saturday of the month, is worth checking out.

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