Need a Great College Essay Topic? Learn about our Cool Program of the Week on Abroad101


This week’s cool program is for those thinking about college, consider The Experiment in International Living next summer.  Small groups of students pursue a common theme by learning and visiting notable sites, then immerse in the local culture with a home stay.  Life-Changing is a common comment, plus you can tell your parents it will give you a GREAT TOPIC for your COLLEGE ESSAY!

It’s for High School Students –

The Experiment provides 3-, 4-, and 5-week summer programs for high school students who want to connect deeply and engage meaningfully with the richness and complexities of another country.

Programs equip students not only with essential cultural and, in many cases, language skills, but also with a deeper awareness of and sensitivity to global issues shaping the diverse communities and regions we visit. Students explore the host country through hands-on experiences in local communities and through the lens of a specific theme.

The Experiment groups are small, typically comprising 10–15 students who represent a range of backgrounds. Experimenters should expect to learn about the diverse cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds that exist within the US and around the world.

To learn more or apply to this program please visit: