Cool Program of the Week – Alliance for Global Education: Manipal – Global and Public Health at Manipal University

India-Manipal-Manipal UnivCool Program of the Week

If you are interested in healthcare or public health, then the Alliance program in India provides a mix of field and classroom experience. Live in a rural university town in India, study India’s public health challenges and experience its rich cultural heritage.

The Alliance program is based at Manipal University, known throughout India and around the world for its strong medical college and health science programs. A university town, Manipal offers stunning views of the Arabian Sea and nearby Western Ghats and provides an ideal rural location from which to study India’s public health challenges and rich cultural heritage.

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A student review says:

“It was DEFINITELY worthwhile. I learned so much about myself through the inherent challenges of living in a new country, especially one like India. Pushing your boundaries and going outside your comfort zone is the most rewarding gift you can give yourself.”

from (Public Health, University of South Carolina – Columbia)

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