Where to turn to find an apartment abroad?

InPerugia (1)Studying abroad is a growing phenomenon, to say the least. The number of students who study in another part of the world each year is increasing at a rapid pace. As more students are studying abroad globally, housing is becoming more of a challenge for individuals and programs as the housing market is limited in what programs and third party providers can offer. Not all programs have the same housing options, but if renting your own apartment is a possibility, we highly recommend it.

Programs that have long standing relationships with staff in local markets give students and parents a sense of security and have been an incremental factor in study abroad growth. Program providers are constantly looking to balance the issues of housing cost, availability, service, and proximity and how that relates to their program operations. However, what if the program you are considering doesn’t offer housing options you are comfortable with, where do you turn?

And that’s where we come in! Study Abroad Apartments (SAA) provides an easy, convenient and reliable way to ensure the best housing accommodations possible. We take away the stress from the seemingly confusing process, and efficiently take care of the work for you.

Why find your own housing?

Finding housing for a program or group of students can be challenging enough. As a student you want to know where you will be living before going. This process is challenging because many of the real estate markets simply are not advanced in being transparent with foreign students studying in their country, Avoid the problems that can occur when relying on someone else to make housing decisions for you. Know exactly where you’ll be living, the facilities that will be available to you, and the layout of the house before you arrive. The most common mistake students make before they study abroad is not finalizing living arrangements before leaving home.

Choosing where to live before leaving for study abroad will provide parents, and program directors, along with yourself, a peace of mind and sense of security. Second, it’s just as important to virtually see what your apartment or housing will look like before arrival. Seeing the facility through a website that offers a transparent view and process in booking apartments can save time, money, and a lot of headaches. Read reviews about STUDY ABROAD APARTMENTS to understand the housing options of a given program or for groups of independent students.

Study Abroad Apartments focuses on providing safe, affordable, and reliable apartments for programs as well as students, along with quality customer service. No longer is it necessary to worry about finding housing abroad. Study Abroad Apartments works hand in hand with program providers and students to facilitate and assure proper housing placement. We have a variety of apartments based on budget, location, size, and amenities! Additional services are also available depending on the city such as: airport pick up, laundry delivery, apartment cleaning, night guard security, and a variety of other benefits. Study Abroad Apartments has modernized the way the new generation of students and programs are finding housing options abroad! Read more about them here: STUDY ABROAD APARTMENTS.COM

By renting an independent housing facility, you are not risking the chance of living in undesirable quarters for an extended period of time simply because of the program you chose to study in. In addition, when renting your own apartment, you get to choose your roommates! It is very comforting knowing that you’ll be living with peers/friends that you are comfortable with, rather than being paired with someone who is a total stranger. And if you don’t want to go with someone you were previously friends with, that’s okay too. We can pair you with someone you don’t know, but that you can feel comfortable with and that is the right roommate for you. Where you live and with who you live with s a huge part of the experience, so it is in your best interest to take control of the housing situation and make sure everything goes as planned and in the best situation possible.

Where can you live?

Study Abroad Apartments currently has apartments available in 9 cities: Barcelona, Florence, Paris, Prague, Rome, Seville and Tel-Aviv. In each city there is a wide variety of apartments to choose from, according to how many people you want to live with and various other factors. Our apartments are located in the most desirable areas for study abroad students, and will serve to provide students with the best and safest experiences possible.

A huge concern for parents – safety

Have no fear, SAA is here! SAA has teamed up with the best and most reliable travel agencies to ensure that each student has access to anything and everything needed when abroad. In addition, reach us at any time via phone/email to answer questions and address concerns. Finally our team handles all financial exchanges between students and landlords, so there will never be any uncertainty about getting scammed or having misunderstandings with foreigners.


While our apartments are not the cheapest, it is because we find the best quality apartments for the best prices. So you will not be paying for an overpriced apartment, while still getting the quality that is necessary to have the best living situation possible. Our payment methods are flexible, and we do our best to accommodate to how you wish to pay for the apartment.

Okay, you’re sold on SAA. Now how do you start?

We have established an easy, quick and reliable way to find housing. Just log onto our site (www.studyabroadapartments.com) and select the city that you plan to study abroad in, as well as the number of people you would like to live with. From here, you are instantly provided with a list of available apartments that best fit your plan. Once you find the apartment that you find most desirable for your stay, just fill out the booking form and we will get back to you with further details shortly!


Guest Blogger

Ryan Blum, CEO | Study Abroad Apartments LLC 

New York, NY