Cool Program of the Week in Dublin Ireland

Ireland-Dublin-bostonUCool Program of the Week: Boston University Internship in Dublin

The Dublin Internship Program offers a semester of study and work in one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities. Based at Dublin City University (DCU), the program combines a professional internship with coursework on various aspects of Ireland’s dynamic history and contemporary culture, including its art, economy, literature, media and politics. The fall Semester also offers a track specifically designed for those students interested in the health sciences. Courses designed specifically for students in the Boston University program are taught by local faculty drawn from Dublin-area universities and professional institutes.

Students who have participated in this program have commented that “this was the best three and half months of their college experience,” and was an “unparalleled experience of personal growth.”

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Program Curriculum

Students have a one-week semester break in between the two phases.

Week 1–Week 7 (Core Phase)

During the first part of the program, students take two required core courses, while also starting the elective that runs the length of the 15-week program. Students also meet with the program’s internship advisors in order to be placed according to ability, professional goals, experience, work habits, and availability of local appointments.

Week 8–Week 15 (Internship Phase)

During the final seven weeks, students participate in internships with organizations in the greater Dublin area, and enroll in a four-credit internship seminar. Students work full-time, four days per week, while also continuing the elective course. Placements are contingent upon the student’s past experiences, professional interest, and available opportunities in any given semester; flexibility is essential.