Chengdu China: The Food!

The Food in Chengdu is: Hot, Oily, Hot

chengdu heaven twice cooked pork
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List of Chengdu’s Famous Cuisines:

1) Hotpot (四川火锅)- which is basically oil or some sort of broth that is really hot and used for dipping like the American “melting pot” or like a fondue!

2) Twice Cooked Pork (pic above)

3) Mapo Tofu (回锅肉)

4) Kung Pao Chicken (宫保鸡丁)

NYC - LES: Mission Chinese Food New York - Mapo Tofu

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Two phrases you NEED to learn for use in restaurants in Chengdu, China:

  • 不要放味精  (bu yao fang weijing) = do not put MSG
  • 不要放很多油  (bu yao fang hen duo you) = do not put a lot of oil


Local food 成都小吃

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Y. Peter Li Photography

Chengdu, China is also very famous for its numbing pepper! That is probably the one thing that makes Sichuan Cuisine (aka Chengdu Food) different and unique from any Chinese Cuisine in Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Hong Kong because it just is not found anywhere else! It is red and looks like a pepper and you probably will think it is like a spicy red pepper but once you eat it, it will numb your tongue so you can’t miss it!

Overall, the food is excellent but you have to get used to it. Your body has to adjust to the oil and MSG and it is not the healthiest at all. That was the one problem I had so I ended up deciding to cook my meals because there are plenty of convenient stores and grocery stores all around. I also used those two phrases above when I went out to eat to try to eat healthier because it is cheaper to eat out then cook a healthy meal. But if you are only in Chengdu for 2 to 3 weeks give the food a try, it won’t disappoint!!

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