John Cabot University: Spend Your Summer in Rome

Roman neighborhood

Typical Roman Neighborhood

Picture yourself spending 5 weeks this summer immersed in the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome, Italy at the beautiful John Cabot University.”Trastevere” comes from the latin phrase “across the Tiber” as it’s located on the west bank of the Tiber River. Study, live and play in this stunning city, as if it were your own. John Cabot University is an American University located in the heart of the eternal city, Rome, Italy. Students interested in taking classes in English, yet living and studying abroad in Italy should highly consider spending their summer in Rome. Here’s everything you need to know.

Upon Arrival: John Cabot University provides an extensive orientation program where you will be picked up from the airport and transferred to campus. You’ll eat meals with your new classmates while getting acquainted with your new city. Faculty, Staff and current students will all be available to help you make the transition to Rome. They know it can be a tough one, and that’s why they will be there to help.

Roman neighborhood

Courtyard at John Cabot University

Academics: Choosing to study abroad in Rome is a great decision. Whether you’re major is chemistry, english or even nursing, you can spend 5 weeks earning credit that will transfer to your home university. (Double check with your advisor) Participate in small classes for virtually any major within 13 different degree programs. You’ll be in classes of about 15 students from over 55 countries and your professor will know everyone by name! Students say it’s common to see groups of students having coffee with professors after class, continuing discussions. The most important part is that so many classes are on-site! This means that if you are learning about the history of the Roman Colosseum, you’re classes will be held at the Colosseum, just a short walk from school.

Oh, you thought that was all? 2 Summer Institutes are available including Creative Writing & Literary Translation (Joyce Carol Oates is slated to visit this summer) as well as an Institute for International Communication.

Rome student center

Student Center, John Cabot University

Housing: Summer housing is available in the Gianicolo Student Residence, a residence hall with 24/7 security and live-in resident assistants located just five minutes from campus. Dependent upon availability, some students may live in a shared apartment located within a 30 minute walk or bus ride to campus. You will live as the Romans do, in an authentic Roman neighborhood with its many coffee bars, restaurants, trattorie, gelaterie, and open-air markets. Oh, the life!

Rome Residence

Typical Rome Student Residence

Activities: If there’s one thing that John Cabot doesn’t skimp on, it’s the array of activities available for students spending their summer in Rome. Spend an evening learning about local, Roman wines as well as the history behind them or learn to make a 4 course Italian meal from scratch in an authentic Italian cooking class. Get out of town for the day and take a day trip to Florence, the birthplace of the famed Italian Renaissance. These are just a few options you’ll have while studying at John Cabot.

We even asked John Cabot’s Marketing Director, Danette Anderson, why she thinks Rome and John Cabot is such a special place. “Students at John Cabot make a difference in our lives by coming to Italy and bringing a piece of America, teaching everyone about their country and its contagious spirit. In turn, these students take home a piece of Italy as newly minted global citizens. I truly see students change before my eyes while they’re studying in Rome and that’s wonderful to watch.”

Need more information? Read through the vast resources on the John Cabot website and find answers to everything you want to know about your summer in Rome.

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