Paradise Style? I Can Get Used to This!

My apartment complex, just like a resort!

I live in an apartment complex, called Nexus Place. It’s a student accommodation. Can I just say that I made that absolute perfect choice on where to stay?

First off, these apartments hold 114 students. It’s too not big or too small. It’s small enough so everyone can get to know each other, which I love. There are students here from all over the world including Finland, Norway, Canada, America, Australia, China, Chile, and Mexico.

Each apartment has three bedrooms with their own bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. I love having my own bathroom. The rooms are also a pretty good size; I have a closet with shelves, a full body length mirror, and single-king sized bed (Australian size bed). At home, I live in a dorm where I share a bathroom with the entire floor, this is much better! I even have a great view outside of my window.

Glass showers!

I live in room 1, which has a downside to it. I’m right by the laundry room, which makes alot of noise. The upside is that the washing machine is free. You have to pay three dollars for the dryer, but no one really uses dryers here anyways, so I hang them up, which I’m okay with 🙂 We have a dishwasher too, which makes things easier!

There is a ping-pong table right next door, so I get to hear loud people at three am. I can’t complain much though. It’s better than listening to girls fighting in the middle of night, causing drama. Gotta love college dorms, right? Yeah, not really. This is much better! There’s also a pool table, and outside we have a pool and a few BBQ areas  too. I must say, Australians do love their BBQ!

I live with an American and an Australian. They’re really nice. They got here a month before me, so I was worried that I wouldn’t fit in or that they’d be close, and I’d be an outcast. I was wrong. They were very excited for me to arrive. They welcomed me in right away!

In Australia, you also have limited internet. I get 10 GB a month. It’s so different, because in the US, I have unlimited and can do anything I want on it all day. I don’t want to go over my limit, so I completely shut myself off from the American world. Meaning, I don’t talk to anyone at home much. Sorry guys! I’m actually kind of glad that I have limited internet though, because I get to experience Australia without being distracted by internet. Also, there’s always so much to do! I want this opportunity to be the best! I don’t need drama!

A little BBQ area to hang out.

At these apartments, there’s always something to do too. Whether it’s hanging outside on the weekends with everyone or going out and having a good time. There’s never a dull moment.

So far, I really like this place. I was worried that I wouldn’t. I met so many people here! This was the right place for me to stay. I don’t know how I am supposed to go back home in less than four months. It’s going to be hard going from living in paradise everyday to boring dorm life.

Submitted by Meg, Global Ambassador on the Gold Coast, Australia