*Scholarship Alert* Learn More About Connect-123!

If you’re planning on studying abroad this year, we want you to be aware of some of the great scholarship opportunities that are out there! We recently connected with Brian Carlsen, of Connect-123, which is an organization started in Cape Town, and offers internship, volunteer, and study abroad options in 5 different international locations (Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Cape Town, Barcelona, and Dublin).  Brian was excited to inform us about  three incredible scholarship opportunities on their website, and we wanted to share them with you! 

Connect-123 is currently running an international scholarship to any of their locations abroad. The grand prize scholarship includes airfare, housing and program fees to any of their locations (valued at $4,000)!! There are also two secondary scholarships, which include a program fee waiver to any of their programs and locations (valued at $1,000-2,000).

We wanted to learn more about Connect-123, so we asked Brian to share some information on the company, scholarship, and type of students they bring on their programs. Below is the interview we had via email with Brian.


What makes Connect-123 unique?
Our unique approach means students are matched to the internship or volunteer position most suited to them – we go the extra mile to create tailor made individual experiences that provide incredible learning value.  We believe in delivering real value to our host organizations too, creating a win-win situation

What type of student is the ideal fit for your program?
Connect-123 welcomes students that are fun, flexible and culturally aware self-starters who are focused on using their skills and enthusiasm to create value for their host organizations.

How can students enter to earn the scholarship, and how will you determine the winner?
Students can enter the scholarship through our website at http://www.connect-123.com/about/scholarships/. From there, the student can fill out the online registration form and they will receive a confirmation email that they are registered in the scholarship. The student will be able to create their scholarship entry and email it to our staff at any point until the scholarship closes March 31, 2012.

Here is the entry question for the scholarship:
Show us, using words, photos or a video, how the opportunity to work, learn and explore on a Connect-123 international program would make a difference in your life and/or the lives of others.

Entrants will be given a score by the Connect-123 judging panel based on the judging criteria and from there, the entrant with the highest score will receive the first prize, the entrant with the second highest score will receive the second prize and the third highest score will receive the third prize. Winners will be announced by April 15 and will have up to one year to use the scholarship.

Why are you particularly excited about this scholarship?

We love the idea that this scholarship competition removes any barriers to curious open-minded people wishing to have fantastic international experiences! We can’t wait to hear what gets young people around the world excited about an international experience like this, and how they think it will impact their lives.

How do you feel Abroad101 is a helpful resource for students?
We feel Abroad101 offers a range of helpful information and services to those studying and living abroad, and are happy to partner with such an organization that encourages international awareness and experiences.

We thank Brian for taking the time to let us know about Connect-123 and the wonderful scholarship opportunities they are offering!