What’s New in Study Abroad?!

DU to Send Students Abroad for Study Trips

Delhi University in India is preparing to send about 75 students on study tours to Australia, China, Colombo, Dhaka, and Kathmandu in hopes of enhancing the interaction among Indian and foreign students. For now these programs will only be conducted for a few weeks, however in the future they hope to send students for entire semesters. These trips are unique in that instead of taking formal classes during these trips, the students will be learning about the ins and outs of the universities, their courses, and how the establishment functions as a whole. After hearing about amazing and unique study abroad trips such as this one, you have to wonder how much a program of this caliber costs. What if we told you it was FREE, eliminating the financial stress aspect of going abroad? Read more about Delhi University’s study trips here!

Go West: Why British Students are Heading to America

In the past year, the number of British students applying to top American universities has risen by one third. As UK universities are increasing their tuition, American university costs don’t seem as extreme. British universities are actually turning more applicants DOWN, while American universities always seem to want more students, especially those who can bring diversity to campus. The cost of living in America is generally much lower than that of living in Britain, or most places in Europe for that matter. American universities offer more scholarship and loan opportunities making it financially easier for students to attend college. The question is, how can UK students become better informed about the 4,000 different universities in the United States and be sure that they are finding the “right fit” for the education they desire? Read more about UK students coming to America here!

Diversity Network Honors SUNY-New Paltz for Excellence in Diversifying Study Abroad

The Diversity Network Innovation Award is sponsored by CAPA International Education which recognizes the incredible efforts by universities and colleges to tea r down the cultural, financial, and physical barriers students sometimes face when looking to study abroad. SUNY-New Paltz has gone above and beyond the cause of diversity and equity in international education, which is exactly why the Diversity in Global Education Network has honored them with the 2011 Innovation Award. What kinds of actions helped them to receive such an honor? Read more about the Innovation Award here!