Guest Post: Dr. Tara Keenan from John Cabot University in Rome

Rome: Castel Sant Angelo

photo credit:
Art History Images

Today, Abroad101 is so lucky to have a guest blog post written by Dr. Tara Keenan, a writing instructor at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy.

Tara Keenan received her BA and MA from New York University. She attended a study abroad program in Ireland where she first learned about intercultural dialogue and global citizenship. Afterward, she taught high school English in New York and then decided to attend Dublin’s Trinity College for her Ph.D. in European History focusing on feminism in Ireland. Upon finishing that program and publishing a book entitled, “Irish Women and Street Politics”, she moved back to New York where she directed a local office of the New York Civil Liberties Union for three years. During that time she taught history and politics at various colleges and universities in New York including Fordham University and CUNY.  She’s currently a writing instructor and the coordinator of the John Cabot University Writing Center in Rome. Continue reading