Best Budget-Friendly Study Abroad Destinations

The Abroad101 rankings have finally been released! We’ve spent weeks coming up with the perfect categories, looking through our data, and crunching numbers to the rhythmic sounds of pencil biting, keyboard tapping, gum snapping, and our Keurig coffee maker.

We’re excited that our full list of categories is comprehensive and detailed but we’d like to take this moment to feature an important one: the Top Budget-Friendly Countries. Yes, that’s right kids! We have a list of the best destinations for the frugal-friendly, the penny pinchers, and the cost-conscious. So, don’t let your bank account dictate if you study abroad or not, check out the list below if you’re eager to spend time abroad without spending your entire bank account. Continue reading

Students Didn’t want to Leave Eygpt

Riots and protests weren’t what many students bargained for when they chose to study abroad in Egypt this year, but after having been evacuated from the country, many sentiments are anything but happy to be back home.

Staff and families back at the home university have noticed an unusual trend from the students who had to be evacuated from Egypt: they did not want to leave. After all, many traveled to this African country ready for adventure, ready for anything. If it were up to them, they would still be watching the riots from the rooftops of their schools, or even be right down in the action. Continue reading