Abroad101 Student of the Week #32 – Wes Lindenmuth

Wes Lindenmuth-BrazilAbroad101 Student of the Week winner #32 is Wes Lindenmuth. Wes is currently a junior at the University of Cincinnati. He is a communications, Wes Lindenmuthbusiness, and information technology major who is looking to study abroad in Florianopolis, Brazil for the spring 2015 semester. He will be attending the Universade De Federal Santa Catarina, which is one of the top 5 universities in South America.

Wes is very excited about this opportunity because it will allow him to build international connections that are essential to his fields of study. While in Brazil, he will be specifically studying international economics and portuguese. Wes believes that understanding international business, as well as learning a new language, will be tremendously valuable to his academic development and professional versatility. And we couldn’t agree more! Check out Wes’ Fundraising Mission for his plane ticket to get him to Florianopolis here!

The Abroad101 Student of the Week initiative awards a student who created a Mission for a study abroad program on GoEnnounce with a donation to their fundraiser. Learn more about this partnership from Abroad101 CEO Mark Shay and GoEnnounce co-founder Melissa Davis here.

We’re making weekly donations to studyabroad fundraisers! We hope you can help us assist these students in reaching their goals to make their travel dreams a reality. Visit here to help with this mission. To find out more about studying in Brazil, like Wes, visit the Abroad101 program page.

Stay tuned for our next Abroad101 Student of the Week!

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Love the 2012 Olympics? Take part in the Abroad101 Global Gold Challenge!

Photo: GreenTea95


With the 2012 Olympics in London upon us, global competition is on our minds. The guts! The glory! The…awesome course selection and weekend excursions??

YES! Abroad101 is joining the fun with our own Global Gold Challenge, a head-to-head competition of countries competing for study abroad fame.  For an entire week during the Olympics (July 27 – August 3) we’ll be running a poll on our  asking YOU to get on board with whichever nation you think will come out of the Olympics with the most medals overall.

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Guest Blog: Adventures in Brazil, Part Two

By Rachel Hartman

Adventure Number 2: Morro de Sao Paulo

Since we survived the taxi ride to the ship terminal, I  assumed that our trip to this gem of an island would be successful. I could not have been more accurate. The two hour catamaran ride was amazing. I have never seen water so calm. Mary, Lindsay and I sat outside for most of the voyage. I met this nice guy from Argentina. Little did we know that he understood English perfectly. We were ignorant to think that nobody on the boat spoke English, so we were saying things as we pleased. Oops. Anyways, I was able to take some beautiful photographs of the still water and even some flying fish!

When we got to the island, we could not have been more excited. It was beautiful. There were no cars, and tons of tourists. We finally felt as if we could walk around without the threat of getting mugged. Cute boutiques and small pousadas (hotels) lined the sandy roads. Taxis, known to others as wheel-barrows, assisted visitors with their baggage and even their children. The soft and white sandy beaches were stunning. People were so happy. All in all, a satisfying contrast from Salvador. We had been there for five minutes when we decided we never wanted to leave. Continue reading

Guest Blog: Adventures in Brazil, Part One

By Rachel Hartman

Adventure Number 1: Lavagem do Bonfim

I carefully tied the white bracelet to my wrist. Three knots, as instructed, wishes laced in between each. I briefly glanced over my right shoulder to find a group of men dressed up in spooky costumes. A bit frightened, I briefly glanced over my left shoulder to find a group of women dressed up in large, white dresses. I was thoroughly confused about my surroundings as well as the fact that everyone, including myself, was wearing white. But, I was there. I had my camera out, ready to shoot. My sneakers on, ready to walk.

Not knowing what was going on, we waited around for the locals to lead the way. And so it began. The four mile walk to the Bonfim Church for a ceremony we knew nothing about. All I was informed of was that the people of Salvador come together to celebrate the washing of Bonfim Church (Lavagem do Bonfim). Continue reading