Abroad101 Spends a Night on Semester At Sea!

Last Saturday, some members of the Abroad101 team got the distinct pleasure of spending an evening on the Semester At Sea (SAS) Ship! We were wined and dined as we heard tales of the high seas and just how much the semester means to the students who get the opportunity to experience it. Most of us left the ship wishing we could stay and become part of the upcoming semester’s adventures.

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Our Favorite Foods From Around the World!

Ahi Tuna Hawaii Poke

Fresh Poke from Hawaii!


When you arrive in a new country, or a new city for that matter, there are always long lists of cultural experiences to get at. Yet we all know that sampling the local food is always the most fun! Especially when it’s delicious and you can’t get it anywhere else!

This recent article titled 33 Foods Worth Traveling Across the World Just to Eat really gives you a reason to get packing. We decided to ask the Abroad101 team about their favorite foods around the world. What’s your favorite? Tell us about it in the comments!

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A Final Farewell To Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

Enjoying the scenery on our final outing

It was a very tearful goodbye yesterday morning to my fellow AIFS students in Istanbul, Turkey. We all have different plans- some are studying abroad again for fall semester so they are traveling around Turkey, some are going back to the states, and I’m traveling around Europe for a bit before heading home. I figure that I might as well take advantage of that while I’m here.

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Photo Friday: Australia’s Gold Coast!





When students consider Australia for study abroad, Sydney usually jumps out as an easy and great option. Yet it’s important to remember that Australia is a huge country and there are many other spots to explore. The beautiful gold coast is located on the south-east corner of Queensland. Pristine beaches and abudant sunshine are just a few things that will welcome you as you arrive and experience a semester in this paradise. Universities such as Griffith and Bond will make sure you recieve the highest quality education and cultural learning possible.


“It gave me a new set of eyes in the world and helped influence my post-graduate career choice. I moved back to Australia a few months after I graduated (June 2010) and have been living and working here ever since.” says one Bond study abroad alumni. Read the rest of their review here!


Interested in other locations in Australia? Check out their entire page of programs!