Maximizing Study Abroad Experiences-Summarizing Your Journey

A period of study abroad is the dream of many high school or university level students who, since they were children, have imagined living an experience like this. But it is not just about the desire to live a memorable experience and meet new friends from all over the world; leaving for a semester, summer, or gap year abroad is also a tool to integrate your educational path and improve your knowledge of a foreign language.

Have you been dreaming of studying abroad but still have doubts about why you should take the leap?

Here are 5 great reasons why you should study abroad and make the most of your study abroad experiences:

There are many opportunities to study abroad, and we are sure that at least one of the programs we have listed is the right fit for you. Whether it’s a semester program, a summer course, or a gap year, studying abroad will provide you with valuable experiences that extend beyond the classroom.

  1. Use the “Real” Language

We all know that learning a new language just at school is often not enough. It is useful, of course, for teaching us the basics of the language and the development of grammatically correct sentences, theories, and vocabulary. But going abroad and spending entire days “immersed” in a new language is completely different.

In fact, during your study abroad period, you have no way of avoiding the language you are trying to learn. If you stay with a host family, you will experience everyday life at home, interacting continuously with local people. Even in university settings, you will always be in close contact with professors, new classmates, and friends who will encourage you to converse in the language.

It seems trivial, but even simply watching local television programs, ordering food at a restaurant, or reading advertisements you see around will enrich your vocabulary, significantly improving your understanding of the language.

Even with your new friends, you will find yourself speaking German, French, Italian or Spanish. You will soon learn the vocabulary you really need to express yourself, as well as many colloquial expressions that will make you feel confident and fluent like a local.

Students studying abroad with SAI Study Abroad at Rome, Italy, smiling and standing together in front of a flower market.

Student’s photo while studying abroad with SAI Study Abroad in Rome, Italy. Click here for the full review!

  1. Have a Personal Growth Experience

Independence and personal growth are two of the things that all the students who have studied abroad bring back with them. Living an experience far from home, from your old friends, from your classmates, and from your family helps you to get involved, get out of your comfort zone, and grow significantly. Staying even for just a few weeks in an unfamiliar environment, where communication takes place in a language other than your own, will allow you to face everything solely on your own strength.

On the one hand, these experiences allow you to discover new strengths and get to know yourself better. Leaving to study abroad is a choice that requires courage, curiosity, and openness to change. If you leave with this awareness, you will return extremely grown, mature, and enriched.

On the other hand, living as an exchange student, even for a short period, will make you experience a new and authentic form of independence. You will be free to make your choices and, at the same time, responsible for them.

A study trip abroad without the immediate support of your family is a good way to become independent and test yourself. Feeling a bit of tension at the start is normal and justified, but if being away from the people you love can make you feel “isolated,” it will also help you become more independent and mature. Not a little!

Keeping a summarized journal during your study abroad can be immensely beneficial. It helps you track your progress, reflect on your experiences and understand how you have evolved over time. Using content tools such as a text summarizer can help you create visually appealing and organized summaries of your study abroad journey. Documenting key moments, lessons learned and personal reflections through this tool not only enhances your ability to reflect on your experience but also creates a lasting record that you can look back on and share with others.

  1. Discover Beautiful Places and New Cultures

Whether you leave for a semester, summer, or gap year abroad, your daily life won’t just take place in the classroom. You will fully experience the city and country chosen as your destination.

This in itself is a very precious experience. Traveling allows you to immerse yourself in new cultures, helping you to learn about and respect diverse ideas and lifestyles. By studying abroad, you broaden your mind and gain first-hand experience of different ways of living and thinking. This exposure to new situations and everyday conditions enriches your understanding of the world.

Furthermore, all programs include the possibility of taking part in excursions, day trips, and other activities to discover monuments, museums, and parks around the area. Moments of study, fun, and visiting tourist attractions are all part of the experience. It will be a real full immersion between tradition and local culture!

An aspect not to be underestimated is that some of the destinations are off the more traditional tourist routes. This means that you will be able to explore places that you otherwise wouldn’t visit, accompanied by very special tour guides like your host family, program coordinators or your new classmates!

Not to mention the cuisine; authenticity is the key word. Also in this case, guided by the host family and new friends, you will be able to taste typical dishes, traditional recipes, or even get lost in the supermarkets stocked with every delight, but above all with products that are usually not found in your home country.

Students practicing dance while studying abroad with Arcos Learning Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Student’s photo while studying abroad with Arcos Learning Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina!

  1. New Friendships Everywhere in the World

Whoever finds a friend finds a treasure, even and especially on a study holiday! Cultivating new friendships abroad during a study holiday is a fantastic adventure, to say the least.

A study abroad program is a period of great intensity and change, during which you will be accompanied by peers who are having a similar experience. A few days are enough to build friendships that will keep you company for a long time.

We live in a period in which technology is our precious ally. You will always be able to stay in touch with your new friends, a valid additional reason to better perfect the use of the new language, both through written correspondence and through international calls.

Friendship is a truly precious asset, and a study holiday abroad can help you cultivate new friends, thanks to a trip capable of uniting and bringing people together very quickly!

  1. An Important Brick for the Success of Your Future

Finally, there are many characteristics of a study trip abroad that enrich your personal educational background. Many programs, in fact, offer extracurricular activities that are different from what is usually offered.

You can choose to practice football, cricket, or surfing, to give just a few examples, but you can also opt for unusual subjects that are not common in your home country. Furthermore, you will be able to experience a very practical approach to teaching. The result is a truly unique mix of adventure and education. Everything you will learn on your study holiday or in your study abroad program will allow you to stand out one day at university or later in the world of work.


In conclusion, studying abroad offers a unique combination of academic enrichment, personal growth, cultural immersion, and lifelong friendships. The experiences you gain and the skills you develop during your time abroad will not only enhance your university journey but also prepare you for a successful future in a globalized world. Embrace the opportunity to study abroad and make memories that will last a lifetime.