Student’s Guide to Securing Jobs in Australia

Australia is an excellent location for study abroad journeys for students, as it is rife with opportunities, universities, and unique places to visit. Australia has become a student favorite over the past few years. You will find a good percentage of international students, given the varied choice of courses and degrees Australia offers.

The universities in Australia are student-friendly, given the variety of courses, opportunities for practical learning, student accommodation options, and post-study work opportunities. Australia offers a Temporary Graduate Visa, which gives students up to 6 years of post-study extension and the chance to hunt for jobs after graduation. This timeline is incomparable, given that many other countries do not provide this flexibility, making Australia the go-to destination for study-abroad students.

Given the presence of this post-study extension, students choose to stay back and secure jobs. Below, we discuss a guide to obtaining employment in Australia –

1.  Job Websites

Nowadays, the easiest and most convenient way to secure a job is through online job portals and websites. Many websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Seek provide you with multiple job openings in various industries and fields. Connecting with job seekers and providers who post openings on these websites is commonplace. It has become common for recruiters to drop you a message or an email asking for your resume and to conduct interviews. You can add filters according to cities, locations, and the specialization of your choice to find the perfect match for you! Job websites are incredibly convenient to use, and you can secure a job in the comfort of your student housing in Australia.

2.  Networking

One of the most important and sometimes even underrated methods of securing jobs is networking. When you choose to study abroad, you open yourself up to new experiences and a chance to meet new people. Every new person you meet has something to teach you and opportunities to provide. Use your contacts to reach out to recruiters and founders of Australian startups and secure a job through networking and word of mouth. You never know, you may just come across the next Melanie Perkins!

3.  Career Fairs

Every university in Australia has a period where they hold career fairs and corporate networking events on campus. Many MNCs and startups participate in these fairs to introduce the companies and provide job opportunities to students. It is helpful for students to participate in such events as most guarantee jobs to students. There are also many websites, such as Grad Australia, that keep track of all career events and fairs that happen outside of the university that you can attend in person or online upon registration. You can look for career fairs near your student accommodation in Sydney or student accommodation in Perth and sign up!

4.  Assistantships in College

When you study subjects like Engineering, Data Science, Economics, Management and Business, Finance, Arts and Theatre, etc., you get the chance to get hands-on experience working with different professionals and faculties in your college. Every university in Australia has a personal in-college job portal where you can find openings within your college as a research assistant or teaching assistant and work as a student. These jobs even pay well by Australian standards. You may even get the chance to convert to a full-time position, given your experience and expertise at work.

5.  Government Websites

The Australian government has several verified websites that are suitable for conducting job searches for students. These websites verify the visa/residency status of the students before providing job openings, and they have up-to-date information about all the opportunities.

6.  Internships

The easiest and most proven way to get a full-time job is to convert from an existing internship. Students can easily find internships of their choice through online websites and college placement cells and can work in the field of their choice where they wish to make a career. It is extremely common to switch from an internship to a full-time position. With the integration of numerous startups in Australia and its highly growing economy, it has become easy to find internships and part-time jobs of your choice.



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