How to deal with feeling homesick at University

Global exposure is critical in advancing our careers. Every year, a large number of university students leave home to begin the next phase of their lives.

However, whether relocating across the city or the nation, students encounter themselves in unfamiliar settings far removed from the familiar surroundings of home. It can be tough to adapt to a new environment, habits, and, in certain situations, language.

Below are some recommendations on how to overcome homesickness as you adjust to your University.

●     Understand that your emotions are natural.

Many college students experience homesickness. Living in a new region, adjusting to a new environment, or beginning a new lifestyle can all lead to homesickness. It’s possible that you’re missing family, friends, or perhaps even pets.

You could miss out on a memorable dinner your parents loved on Saturdays or the walks you took with your dog in the late evenings. Students can get uncomfortable as a result of these adjustments.

Each individual has a different experience with homesickness. Some individuals can experience difficulty falling asleep, or some can experience dietary habit changes. Students can also be affected by sadness or despair.

If these emotions linger, seek professional help. Also, take into consideration that any transition, no matter how wonderful, can be challenging.

●     Find new activities

Sporting activities and other physical activities could assist you in overcoming loneliness and improving your mindset. Competitive sports, clubs, and societies in your university could assist you in meeting new individuals and encourage social growth.

Find a new personal favorite location. This could be a park near your student accommodation in Newcastle or London, a particular bench at the university, or a favorite walkway. It provides a tranquil atmosphere where you can start feeling more at peace.

Go to some local place with your friends to understand the culture more. Meeting some locals, particularly if you’re an international student, can help you adapt faster.

●     Find a comfortable medium for communication.

As with social networking sites, you’ll want to strike a balance when it comes to staying in contact with friends and family back at home.

Videoconferencing, WhatsApp, and phone conversations are great ways to stay in contact with the individuals who matter most in your life. Still, you do not want to be in a position where regular communication leaves you feeling further off.

Schedule time to communicate with family members from home and allow enough time to explore your new place. Otherwise, you might start to employ this as a reason not to get out and interact with new people, mainly if you aren’t a really open person in the first place.

●     Reach Out to Others for Support

Leaving home and living alone could be intimidating at first. You’re not the only one who could be experiencing it. Other new students could be facing similar anxieties and concerns.

Discuss your feelings of homesickness at college with your roommates in your IQ Arkwright house or IQ Shoreditch. Tell them about how you’re coping with new habits, settings, and people.

You can also seek assistance from senior students, such as your residential adviser or your professors. They can introduce you to events and groups that can assist you in developing connections and support systems.


We hope this article helps you identify tips for dealing with homesickness at University. It is not uncommon to feel homesick, regardless of how independent you are or how happy you are to go to university to meet new friends and explore new things.

You could be shocked to experience it because you were eager to get away from your surroundings. You have to realize that a lot of situations throughout the university are new, so feeling homesick is natural.


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