5 Essential Tips for Finding Your Ideal Student Housing in the UK

Moving to the UK for higher education is an excellent step in your career. The country is recognized for its academic excellence and numerous employment opportunities with a lucrative income.

But before you can relish your dreams, there come a few challenges to overcome. And one such significant challenge is to find a decent place to stay throughout your academic journey.

In the UK, you have options for both on-campus and off-campus accommodation. However, universities give preference to first-year students for halls of residence.

Based on your choice, you can choose to go for either of them. But off-campus accommodation continued to remain the most popular option for accommodation. If you are interested in more independent student life in the country, going for private accommodation is a reasonable step.

There are many crucial elements to keep in mind when selecting your ideal student accommodation. And to help you with that, we have created this article consisting of five essential tips to find the perfect abode for you in the UK! So without much ado, let’s understand them!

Select Your Location

Before opting for student accommodation in Durham or student housing in London, you must do your homework by determining the right location for a student home. You must select a property close to your university to save travelling costs, time, and energy.

Besides, you should select a location close to other basic services like a hospital or health clinic, supermarket, train station, city centre, restaurants, etc.

As an international student, you will not know the city as much as the natives. And in such a case, you shouldn’t take your chances by opting for an aloof place and get flustered every time figuring out a basic service in the city.

Book According to Your Budget

You need to figure out your budget before you plan to view and rent the property. The cost of living in the UK is higher than in most countries. And to sustain yourself without getting broke, you need to determine the rent you are capable of paying every month.

Have a rough estimate of your expenses like food, leisure activities, transportation, study materials, monthly bills, etc. Accordingly, see how much you can spend on your student housing rent. Besides, to support yourself financially, you can work part-time jobs and earn extra pocket money!

Prioritize Your Safety

Safety and security are one of the most overlooked aspects of house-hunting. Most students prefer an affordable place with plenty of amenities like a reading room, gym, stable internet, etc. However, you must never compromise your safety, especially when living on your own in a foreign land!

Look for student housing that has a safe neighborhood. For that, you can take advice from the current tenants and your university alumni. They can guide you better on suitable properties to rent and even help you understand the general setting of the place!

Moreover, you should ask your landlord or property agent about the safety installations in the apartment like security cameras, secure locks on windows and doors, fire detectors, etc. And if possible, take an in-person viewing before finalising the property, lest you can ask for a ton of pictures and a virtual tour of the student accommodation.

Prevent Rental Scams

Rental frauds are at an all-time high these days, and you need to stay vigilant to prevent them! Follow these tips to steer clear of them every step of the way:

  • Confirm the legitimacy of the property by doing a simple Google search of the address
  • Read reviews about the properties and the letting agencies
  • Research the average rental for properties in the area you are shifting to.
  • Don’t pay the deposit before viewing the property in person.

Read Your Tenancy Agreement Carefully

We know how tempting it is to skim through the contract without actually reading every tiny detail! Due to its long length and excessive jargon, you might feel like signing the agreement without examining it. But you should not!

Take your time to review the document; you can even ask your parents or someone else to comprehend it. There are many essential points listed in it that you need to know, like the length of tenancy, maintenance procedures, house guest policy, pets policy, and sublets options, among others.

If you want clarification on certain things or have some doubts, you can ask your landlord or property agent about it. Educating yourself about your rights as a tenant is always a good idea to avoid any future issues.



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Author: Harshita Anand is a postgraduate in English Journalism and a graduate in Hotel Management. She has acquired diverse exposure working in many different industries. Her enriching experience fueled her desire to seek abundant knowledge about the world and enlighten others with the same!