For the year 2021, the University of Oxford will maintain its dominance as the best university in the United Kingdom. The top college has fallen one spot from last year’s ranking. It is currently the world’s fifth-greatest university, while its competitor, the University of Cambridge, is still in seventh place.

According to the World University Rankings in 2021, there are 90 UK universities, which is six more than last year. Four of these institutions are in the top ten in the world, and another four are among the top 50.

London School of economics

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is ranked eighth in the UK, but it has dropped five places to 49th globally this year, making it the first UK university in our top 10 to enter the global top 50. LSE is the most diverse UK university in our survey, ranking eighth in the world for international students.

University of Warwick

The University of Warwick, which is placed 62nd globally for the second year in a row, is still in 10th place in the United Kingdom. Their rating success is partly due to the university’s global outlook, which scores near-perfect in the international faculty and international students ranking factors.

King’s College London

King’s College London (KCL), which is ranked seventh in the UK again this year, jumps two positions among the list of global rankings to joint 31st. KCL is one of four London-based universities in the UK top ten, with remarkable results across the board, especially in academic reputation. It is ranked among the top fifty universities in the world.

University of Bristol

The University of Bristol is ranked ninth in the United Kingdom, but it has dropped nine places in the global rankings this year, to 58th. The university receives great marks on all ranking parameters, especially academic reputation, where it is ranked 74th in the world.

University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh, the only Scottish institution in the UK top 10, is ranked fifth in the UK and remains the world’s 20th best institution. It does exceptionally great in terms of academic reputation and employer reputation, placing 25th and 31st in the world, respectively.

University of Cambridge

As is customary, the University of Cambridge the University of Oxford are battling for top place in the UK rankings. Cambridge is in second place once more, with a global ranking of seventh. On the other hand, Cambridge is the highest-ranked university in the UK for both academic and employer reputation, ranking second globally in both categories.

Oxford university

This year, the University of Oxford, which dips one place in the global rankings to fifth, takes top place in the UK. Oxford is the highest-ranked institution in the UK for faculty-student ratio (eighth place) and citations per professor, with good ratings across all categories (44th place).

Imperial College London

Imperial College London, the capital’s highest-ranked university, won the bronze medal in the UK. It climbs one place to eighth place internationally this year and ninth place globally for academic repute.

University College London

UCL (University College London), which loses two places in the global rankings this year to 10th, is just missing out on a slot in the UK top three. Its greatest score is in the academic reputation indicator, where it is ranked 13th worldwide.

University of Manchester

This year, the University of Manchester is ranked sixth in the United Kingdom and joint 27th in the world. Employers think highly of Manchester graduates, with the university ranking 21st in the world on the employer reputation measure.





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