Your How-to-Guide on Printing and Binding a Thesis

Picture this. You have been successful in creating your Bachelor’s thesis, research paper or any other final paper and spent a lot of time researching and writing. Just when you are about to submit it, you realize it needs to pass through printing and binding.

The questions any student is likely to ask when it comes to printing and binding a thesis are as follows:
“How should I print and bind my thesis?”

“Where should the printing and binding take place?”

Given that many students have not gone through the printing or binding process for their research paper before, it may be challenging to choose the right configurations. Here, we present to you all the information you need to know, telling you what to focus on when printing and binding your dissertation.

For tips on what you need to factor in, keep reading.

What you need to Watch out for when Printing your Thesis

Students tend to have the same questions when it comes to the printing process of a thesis:
– Color or white/black?
– Which paper is right?
– How should I get a fair deal when printing my thesis?

That is why we take the trouble to give you advice on how to print your thesis.

Considerations when Printing your Research Paper Tip
Color Printing: You only have two options when printing your research paper, including color or white/black. Note that printing in color can be costly. When the printing of your thesis is colored, it is likely to have pizazz. However, understand that having too much color in it may negatively impact the seriousness of your paper.
Paper: The printing shop you approach may most likely suggest 80 g/m² paper. Understand that this measurement is thin and could make your paper weak. This will cause the print on the reverse side to shine through. Be sure to get all the right details first, steering clear that the type of paper used could also affect your final mark. If your paper is 100 g/m², the quality of your thesis improves immediately. This is why some providers use 100 g/m² of their paperweight as the default.
Price: Several factors determine the printing price. That includes the color printing, the weight of the paper and the actual printing. Begin by comparing the prices offered by different providers. For instance, if you would like a color-printed paper, pick the service provider who does not demand a surcharge. You can also look for further benefits, like free shipping.

What you Must Watch out for When Binding your thesis

One of the questions a lot of students have about this step is “how”. That’s because most of them are unaware of the type of bind needed for a research paper. Understand that it all depends on the type of final paper. For instance, your thesis will require a lot more work and extensive research, while a regular term paper does not take as much time to write.

What differs between the two is the weighting. The regular term paper embodies just a small part of your overall grade while the final thesis, including the Bachelor’s and the Master’s thesis, takes the largest portion.

It means that if the final research paper is major, and you want to be sure about your dissertation, it would be very wrong to pick a simple binding, like spiral binding, as your ultimate choice. The best option, in this case, would be leather book binding because it is sturdier and more suitable for the final paper.

You need to first understand that there is a large binding selection available. Here, we shall discuss each of them to help you understand better.

A lot of universities and post-secondary institutions have specific requirements for binding. Before printing or binding your thesis, find out if the institution has any guidelines.

That is why we would like to guide you through on the best type of binding to use, which will be entirely dependent on the final paper type being submitted.

Leather book Binding

The highest quality binding any thesis can go through is leather book binding. It comes with a leather-look solid cover, which makes a thesis appear chic and stylish. You can choose between a bookmark, corner protectors or customized embossing. Either of them should make your paper look more sophisticated.



Recommendation: The following are some of the final papers perfect with leather binding

• Dissertation
• Research paper
• Master’s thesis
• Bachelor’s thesis

Thermal Binding

Thermal binding happens to be the most versatile among all bindings. Its front cover is transparent, causing the title of your research paper to be brought to the forefront instantly. More so, it also comes with a leather-look at the back of the cover, in the color of your choice.



Recommendation: Generally, minor research projects are best presented in thermal. If you will also need print-outs of the final paper, this type of binding is perfect.


Are you looking to make your paper more attractive and standout? If so, softcover will be the ideal choice. This type allows you to design your cover however way you desire. It enables you to use different logos, fonts, wild designs and pictures of choice. When you choose this type of binding, you can let your creativity flow in any direction. Given that it is a research paper, you want to keep it less cluttered and completely professional.

Recommendation: Use Softcover for any thesis. Note, however, this type limits you to a specific number of pages. For a comprehensive dissertation, it may not be an ideal choice.

Spiral binding

This is the simplest form of binding. It is closely similar to thermal, given that its back cover has a leather-look and also comes with a transparent front cover. The difference is that spiral binding is not glued. Here, your paper is held with spirals. Note that spiral comes in two types: metal and plastic.




Recommendation: For small projects, spiral is the perfect choice. It is not considered right for major papers such as research papers or dissertations.

Overview of Bindings

Below is a table for all bindings, designed to offer you an overview to help you decide on the best one for your thesis or the final paper.

  Research paper Bachelor’s thesis Master’s thesis Term paper Dissertation
Leather book binding
The most elegant and sophisticated way to bind is leather. For a major final paper such as Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis or an essay, it is the perfect choice. We do not recommend leather for smaller final papers.
Thermal binding
Of all the types used to bind, thermal is the most versatile. It is the best for final papers. If you are also looking for several print-outs, it is the sleekest and most cost-effective choice.
Because Softcover allows you to design your cover any way you wish, it is the best for creative study programs. Understand, however, that it has a limit to the number of pages you can bind, meaning it is not always the absolute choice for final papers. For a dissertation, you will have to look for another option.
Spiral binding
If you are looking for the perfect binding choice for smaller projects, spiral is your go-to solution. It can also be used in final papers such as the term papers or the research project. However, if yours is more substantial in length, think around another option.

Printing and Binding your Thesis: but where?

When it comes to printing and binding your thesis, you can choose between your local copy shop or an online service provider. We recommend beginning by looking for an online printing provider. Doing so allows you to make your orders from your comfort zone and saves you valuable time, plus, they usually have good offers. Understand, however, you are exposed to winning and losing on the online platform.

How do you benefit?

• Free shipping
• 3D preview
• Look-inside-function to browse through your thesis
• Affordable prices and high-quality paper

In our research, BachelorPrint stood out. We found the service providers to be the go-to authorities in printing and are perfect if you also need to bind. It is an online printing service for students known to offer high-quality bindings. Because they offer free express shipping, you can be sure to get your thesis soon after printing and once it has been bound.

Ensuring nothing Goes Wrong in your Thesis Printing

Because writing and printing a thesis is a major investment, the tips provided here should ensure that everything goes smoothly. Where you will have your paper printed and bound is all up to you; whether you choose to go to an online printing service or identify an actual copy shop. However, if what you need is a high-quality work and a stress-free process, then BachelorPrint is what you need.

Good luck with your thesis!