Why require student reviews? Ten ways program evaluations can advance study abroad on your campus

why require reviewsMireille McLaughlin of Wellesley College and Stacey Thebodo of Middlebury College joined
Mark Shay of Abroad101 in a session to help study abroad advisors and managers understand how publishing reviews can boost education abroad on campus.
Presented on Wednesday October, 29, 2014 the session description read:

Education Abroad program evaluations are increasingly important in the eyes of administrators, risk-managers and university supervisors.  Students, parents and academic advisors look for similar information in the form of program reviews.  Combining the two into a unified platform that is required by all students is an ideal and is happening at a growing number of institutions.  By engaging the students to be the center of a review platform, a number of education abroad goals can be achieved.  This session looks at ten ways that program evaluations can be used to serve the many stakeholders interested in education abroad.

Session slides are located here –NAFSA conference presentation Why Require Student Reviews