Abroad101 Advertising Guide

Abroad101 is the first and largest study abroad review website.  Founded in 2007, our target audience is American university students looking for a semester or short-term abroad.  Much of our traffic and a majority of our reviews come from collaboration with university advisors who use us in their work with students to assure they receive academic credit for their experience.  Over 200 US colleges and universities promote Abroad101 to their students, over 140 have used our system to invite students to submit reviews.  Abroad101 serves as the official study abroad program evaluation tool at over 30 institutions who require  their students to submit their evaluations through our system.
Many of those who view Abroad101 are students and their parents,who are looking to validate their choices or expand on their initial selections.  If you are a program provider or offer a service related to American students studying abroad, Abroad101 offers affordable and cost-effective advertising to reach these students.
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