Student Advice: How to Settle in quickly during your first week at university

Guest Blog Post:
For those studying abroad for a semester you’ll no doubt want to settle in as quickly as possible to get the most from your time at university, and those eager to get their fill of overseas student life will no doubt be ready and raring to go.

However, when you finally get a few minutes to relax from the perils of filling in forms, organising your student accommodation and working out where the nearest bar is, reality of the whole situation may kick in and it can be quite nerve wracking. Knowing what to expect and having the standard worries and concerns can get a bit much.

During your first week you’ll be meeting people, trying out all the new places and learning all about your course. Therefore making the most of this week is a really good idea to set yourself up for the rest of your time there.

Here are a few of our tips for making your first week one to remember for all of the right reasons:

1) Be open to new things
There will be so many opportunities to try new things in your first week so you should try and be as open as possible to trying new things to get the most out of your experience! A great way to bond with your new housemates in your student flats in London with Urbanest and other great halls is to check out all the local clubs together or all the themed nights out. This can be a great ice breaker and you’ll get to learn all about the amazing night life in your new city. If you hear of something that doesn’t normally sound like your thing, give it a go as it can be a great opportunity to meet people and surprise yourself.

2) Do your best to avoid the dreaded ‘freshers’ flu’
Freshers’ flu is said to affect 90% of students during their first few weeks at uni even when it’s not Freshers’ Week! Do your best to avoid becoming one of them by keeping your strength up, eating lots of fruit and vegetables and taking vitamins. Freshers’ flu is usually due to lots of alcohol consumption so don’t be afraid to take a night off from all the partying if you’re feeling unwell, and make sure you get plenty of rest. There’s more on freshers’ flu here.

3) Try to avoid spending all your money
Whilst it can be tempting to have a massive blowout of your bank balance during your first week, it will be less exciting when you have to survive on next to nothing until your next loan instalment. Aim to set a budget and don’t take your bank card with you on nights out as alcohol can make you feel surprisingly generous, and you don’t want a nasty shock the next day when you check your account!

4) Get involved with societies
Every university has a huge amount of different societies available for you to try and they’re a fantastic way to meet new people. Moving to a new university in a new country can be daunting but getting involved with clubs and societies can really help you settle in. Don’t worry about whether there’ll be something you enjoy – trust us; there will be!

Steve Fleming is a guest contributor from London as you can no doubt tell by his English!