Why You Should Study in an Emerging Country


Our friends at Feedacq are experts on what it takes to make an international move. In this post they share with us why more students should consider studying abroad in an emerging country.  

Russia“People look to study abroad for a number of different reasons. Some people would like to see different places around the world and experience new cultures; some students are intrigued by the idea of living somewhere different and exciting.  Whatever your reason, it’s an incredible learning experience, and one that can be enhanced depending on where you choose to study.

Many students leave to study abroad because they want to expand their views of the world- they want to face new challenges. The best way to really get out of your comfort zone is by studying in a place that is really different from your usual environment. Here are a few reasons why you should look to study in emerging regions.

By studying abroad, you have a chance to make a real impact on the local community. In many emerging countries, there are still places of high poverty, meaning that you have the opportunity to lend a helping hand.  Be it teaching English or simply serving as a cultural ambassador, you can have a real impact in a developing country.

Living and traveling in emerging countries takes more time to adjust to as you get older- so do it while you’re young! Save the resort towns and expensive European cities for when you’re older and your pockets are deeper.

It is much cheaper to study abroad in say Vietnam than New Zealand for example. The travel cost, food, and general living expenses are much more economical studying abroad in emerging countries. However, this does not mean that you will have a lower level of education.India

Lastly, most of the fortune 500 companies are now setting up offices in emerging countries as the costs are better, and they have a large talent pool of potential employees. Most of the CEO’s who overlook the operations in these developing countries are people who have lived in these countries for sometime and know the nuances of the local region. By opting to study in a developing nation, you are giving yourself this advantage. If you have a choice today, I would urge you to consider spending a semester abroad in a developing nation.”

Arjun is a writer for Feedacq, an international relocation company that connects expats and repatriates with quality moving companies.

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