4 Cheap Places to Stay for Traveling Students


 You’re a cash-strapped study abroad student but want to travel and explore nearby countries and more remote cities. In expensive countries, like those in Western Europe, you might want to consider utilizing a hostel instead of a hotel. This is a less expensive option and it makes your money go much further. However, if you are nervous about staying in a hostel, you can always rent a remarkably inexpensive hotel if you’re staying in Asia. There are plenty of hotels in Kuala Lumpur, for example that are both cheap and safe. You owe it to yourself to go online and investigate what hotels and hostels are available in every area if you plan on traveling the globe

What’s a student with wanderlust to do?

Choose from one of these budget accommodation options to stay cheaply (or even for free) anywhere in the world.


Hostels began as student housing but have since become the preferred choice for budget travelers of any age.

The majority of hostel guests are teens and twenty-somethings, so you’ll find plenty of peers here. Hostels are a great way to meet other people, find local activities, and save money on a bed.


By sharing a dorm-style room with other travelers, you will have a built-in group of friends in whichever city you visit. Don’t like them? See who else is there by hanging out in the common room or hostel bar.

Book hostels with WeHostels or HostelWorld.


Couchsurfing has two big draws: (1) it’s free and (2) your host will be an ambassador for the city.

The community on Couchsurfing is as focused on meeting new people as they are on finding a place to stay. The accommodations aren’t as reliable and don’t afford much privacy, but, when you do find a place, it will come with its own social scene, much like a hostel. The difference is that you’ll be meeting a local who will also be your guide to the city. In a hostel, you’ll meet other travelers and form your own impromptu social circle.

Even if you don’t want to sleep on someone’s couch, you can find events and meetups in thousands of cities.

Review_19886_Photo__f057Apartment Rentals

Renting a shared apartment through Airbnb can be like Couchsurfing.

Airbnb also has private accommodations. You can rent an entire apartment for yourself. You have a range of options and prices depending on what you’re looking for, who you’re traveling with, and how much you want to spend.

If you’re traveling with friends, search for places that can accommodate multiple people. You can save money and stay somewhere nice when you’re splitting the cost with a group.

Home Rentals

If you have a group of four or more and are traveling outside of a dense city, rent an entire house.

The price can be shocking at first, until you divide it by 4 or 6 or more people. Many of the homes for rent on HomeAwayVRBO, or Tripping are the owners’ vacation homes. That means they’re big and tricked out with amenities. You will find homes with pools, hot tubs, and sweeping views. With a large group, you can rent luxury for a few days. It will be a welcome break from student housing.

Home rentals are great for long weekends in the country when you might actually spend more time at the rental. If you’re in a bustling city and will be out exploring all day, stay somewhere cheaper like a hostel or couch.

What’s your favorite budget accommodation?

About the Author: Fred Perrotta is an avid traveler and the Director of Marketing at WeHostels.


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