Best Budget-Friendly Study Abroad Destinations

The Abroad101 rankings have finally been released! We’ve spent weeks coming up with the perfect categories, looking through our data, and crunching numbers to the rhythmic sounds of pencil biting, keyboard tapping, gum snapping, and our Keurig coffee maker.

We’re excited that our full list of categories is comprehensive and detailed but we’d like to take this moment to feature an important one: the Top Budget-Friendly Countries. Yes, that’s right kids! We have a list of the best destinations for the frugal-friendly, the penny pinchers, and the cost-conscious. So, don’t let your bank account dictate if you study abroad or not, check out the list below if you’re eager to spend time abroad without spending your entire bank account.

1. Mexico

Coming in at the very respected #1 spot is Mexico. Not only is Mexico an ideal location for students looking to study abroad on a budget, but it’s rich with culture and life! With over 200 programs to attend in Mexico, it proves to be an ideal location for study abroad students! Not to mention a very beautiful climate… Check out reviews of programs in Mexico here!


2. Senegal

The #2 spot is home to one of our favorite locations. If you are looking for a destination that is unique and easy on the wallet, Senegal proves to be the perfect place! With an above average rating on Abroad101, this country is a great host for study abroad students looking to gain international experience on a budget! Check out reviews of programs in Senegal here!

3. Peru

Coming in at #3 is the beloved country of Peru. Home to Machu Picchu, a World Heritage Site, and the bustling city of Cuzco, Peru will leave you feeling awed and inspired! Full of culture and history, Peru is a perfect location for studying abroad! Check out reviews of programs in Peru here!


4. Kenya

Dubbed “Magical Kenya,” you’ll never find yourself bored in this country! Whether you’re in Kenya’s upcoming capital city of Nairobi, or heading out to find herds of Zebra and Wildebeest on a safari, you’ll never be bored that’s for sure! Check out reviews of programs in Kenya here!


5. China

Hosting over 300 programs, the ever popular country of China reaches our number five spot! As the largest country in East Asia, China boasts over one billion inhabitants! With education being such an important part of the Chinese culture, this country is the perfect location for students looking to enrich their studies while also experiencing some of the most exciting cities in Asia. Check out reviews of programs in China here!


6. Tanzania

Located in East Africa, Tanzania is home to both the shore and the safari. Acting as a major seaport with a bustling agricultural economy, Tanzania is a perfect location for students interested in studying these areas. Brush up on your Swahili, travel the Serengeti, or learn how to carve authentic sculptures! Tanzania is the perfect destination for a budget friendly study abroad experience! Check out reviews of programs in Tanzania here!


7. Turks and Caicos Islands

For a tropical yet inexpensive study abroad experience, the Turks and Caicos Islands are a great option! Known for ripsaw melodies and their annual Music & Cultural Festival, this study abroad location is perfect for the music junkie! Located just over 600 miles from Miami, these Caribbean islands prove to be an ideal destination, specifically for someone on a student budget. Check out reviews of programs in the Turks and Caicos Islands here!


8. Ecuador

For those looking to venture down to South America while staying within their respected student budget, Ecuador is the perfect fit. Venture over to the Galapagos Islands or head into the capital city of Quito, named a UNESCO World Heritage site for one of the best preserved historic centers in Latin America. Check out reviews of programs in Ecuador here!


9. Thailand

Thailand comes in at our number nine spot! With an extraordinary amount of things to do at little expense, Thailand is the perfect combination of fun and budget friendly. From touring Buddhist temples to sampling Thai cuisine, this destination is the ideal for students looking to make the most of their study abroad experience in a unique culture without going broke. Check out reviews of programs in Thailand here!


10. Egypt

Rounding out the list, Egypt takes the cake with our #10 spot! Travel to the Great Sand Sea, the world’s third largest dune field on the northern edge of the Sahara, for some sand-boarding  or jump into over 7000 years of history at the Great Pyramids of Giza! Full of culture and middle eastern flair, Egypt has something for everyone.


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