The Top 10 Most Livable Cities of 2012

Want to live like a local where ever you go?  16,000 students on Abroad101 ranked destinations based on how easily they could integrate into daily life.  Will Cox gives us the run down on the list below for the world’s most welcoming study abroad cities of 2012; you’ll be sure to get acclimated in no time!

1. Melbourne, Australia

With a mix of big city culture and small town pleasantries, the second largest city in Australia provides easily accessible routes into all things uniquely Australian. From Australian rules football to Aboriginal music and dance, there are constant opportunities to live the life down-under.

2. Dublin, Ireland

A historic center for art, education and industry, Dublin combines the classically urban Europe with the sprawling greenery of the British Isles.  This capital city provides those studying abroad access to history as well as modern global development.


3. Gold Coast, Australia

For all those looking to lead a life outdoors while also in a new hemisphere, Gold Coast is the place for you.  A city built for exploration, its inhabitants welcome international students searching for big waves, exotic wildlife, and friendly locals.


4. Alicante, Spain

One of the most historic ports in Spain, it is no wonder that Alicante provides students a great entry-way into the country and culture of Spain.  Students studying in Alicante will find ancient ruins, easy travel, and a friendly introduction to the Mediterranean way of life.


5. Galway, Ireland

For the outdoor enthusiast hoping to hop the pond, Galway is the destination of choice.  An avid sea sport culture meets the open Irish lifestyle in Galway, making it a great place for students to expand on their notions of Europe.


6. Stirling, Scotland

An ancient village and previous capital of the Kingdom of Scotland, Stirling delivers its students immense Scottish independence history as well as some of the best higher education in the world.  With only 45,000 people in the city, it is difficult not to become a local while studying in Stirling.


7. Wellington, New Zealand

Faint of heart need not apply.  Wellington and the country of New Zealand thrive on constant adventure.  From skydiving to bungee jumping to some of the most epic hikes in the world, adrenaline junkie Kiwis are constantly looking to scare the pants off wayward students, in the best way possible.
8. Lima, Peru

At the confluence of modern urban development, Lima is growing rapidly and becoming a major world city in the 21st century.  With an interesting balance between classic Latin culture and a city pushing to become a prominent South American destination, Lima is a great place for students to see a culture develop and a city evolve.


9. Prague, Czech Republic

Bohemians rejoice.  This UNESCO world heritage city boasts one of the most unique urban cultures in Europe.  Having taken shape during the Roman regime, Prague and its people have had ample time to craft an unforgettable cityscape full of art, eats, and economics, making it worthy of consideration for any student studying abroad.

10. Cork, Ireland

The third Irish city on our list proves this country’s welcoming mentality towards students looking to traverse Ireland’s rolling hills.  Cork, just off the country’s southern coast, is a music lover’s dream with some of the world’s best music festivals throughout the year.


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