The Abroad101 Guide to Summer Events


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Independence Day is upon us and the summer season is in full swing! Whether you’re studying abroad or at home, it’s definitely time to celebrate with food, friends, family and fireworks (the four essential ‘F’s of course).

But wait! What’s a college student to do after the biggest summer holiday ends?

Start packing of course! There are plenty of other festivals and events going on around the world this summer, and we’re sharing our own finds with you! Here are four options for the young traveler just itching to get out and about this season:

Boryeong Mud Festival

Hurry up and grab your ticket to South Korea! Mid-July marks the Boryeong Mud Festival, where if you’re not completely plastered in muck, you’re not doing it right! Boryeong is known for the mineral-rich mud produced on its shores, and packing it onto your skin is supposed to be extremely healthy! Even if you’re not into the cosmetic aspect, there’s mud wrestling, fireworks, mud-themed contests and the beach nearby!


La Tomatina

Having your body dunked in a vat of mud doesn’t sound like a great time? What about being caught in the world’s biggest food fight?! La Tomatina in Bunol, Spain brings together thousands of locals and visitors in early August every year to participate in a mass celebration of…tomatoes! The plump fruits fly left and right, piling up to what amounts to a slippery roja paste covering the buildings, streets, and everyone involved!


London Olympics

Photo: Cmglee

By jumping across the pond this summer, you’re not just getting the United Kingdom experience, but an entirely international one! As host to the Olympics this summer, London will be transformed into a cosmopolitan mecca, featuring the top athletes from all over the world as well as their diehard fans.  Be sure to hang out in the Olympic Park and Village in order to catch sight of some bronze, silver and gold!


Multiple Festivals, Finland

Air Guitar World Championship

Okay, let’s get real. The Olympics may be a bit too pricy for the average college student. For those seeking an alternative (and we mean really alternative), spend the rest of your summer in Finland where there are a bevy of weird festivals to ogle at. August offerings include the Air Guitar World Championships, Mobile Cell Phone Throwing Contest and Sauna World Championship, where participants try to endure 100+ degree temperatures. You’ll certainly have an interesting set of photos to show when you come back!

So wherever you are, and wherever you’re going, Happy Independence Day and summer from all of us at Abroad101!


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