SEA Semester

When it comes to choosing a study abroad program, the fact is that everyone has different needs & desires. Some crave the ability to delve into french literature right in the very heart of where it was created. Some need a different level of adventure and excitement – a different experience around every corner. We’re so glad to be able to provide the information necessary to help you make the right decision.

So, back to that whole serious adventure thing. Do you crave waking up to the wide ocean blue and wind in your face every morning? Do you want to learn by doing and see 3/4 of the world while studying abroad? Do you want to set sail every day aboard a traditional sailing vessel?  SEA Semester may just be for you.

In 12 weeks, you’ll earn a semester’s worth of credit. The first 6 weeks will be spent on land in Woods Hole, MA. There you’ll learn every facet of oceanic history and even design your own research project to conduct while at sea. Yes, science majors may be particularly interested, but SEA Semester includes an equal amount of liberal arts students.Once aboard the ship, YOU and your peers will be the one’s learning to handle sails and navigating the boat! What other study abroad program can offer you that?!

Recently we chatted with Katharine Williams from SEA Semester. She had the following to say about her program. “SEA Semester is the perfect study abroad program for any student interested in learning more about the oceans. While students are attracted to our programs for many different reasons – field research, sailing, place-based environmental studies, the opportunity to visit exotic locales, hands-on science –the common thread that runs between them all is a love for or interest in the sea. It’s this commonality that makes our programs so successful. Since our students represent a wide variety of majors but all share a common interest, they often learn from each other as well as from our faculty.”

SEA Semester has varying programs that range from studying climate change to sustainability in Polynesian island cultures and ecosystems. You can also find vessels sailing in the Atlantic, Pacific and Caribbean oceans.

Still need to be convinced? Abroad101 has over 40 reviews with 5 star ratings, from students who have returned from the program and raved about their experience!

One alumni from Fall 2011 says “studying abroad with SEA Semester was the most different study abroad experience I could find – and the only one that I knew I wouldn’t be able to do after graduation.”

There you have it. SEA Semester is one of the more different study abroad experiences, and one you’ll never forget.