Sea Olympics! Semester at Sea Extra-curriculars

Potato carving contest...the Taj Mahal!

Who says 20-year-olds can’t act like kids!

The other day we had our Sea Olympics! (think field day + greek week + competition + LOTS OF FUN…you get it). There are about nine or so ‘seas’ (aka hallways) and each sea is its own team and we compete in tons of events. My sea is the Arabian Sea. The winner of the Sea Olympics gets to get off the ship first in San Diego…bittersweet prize.

I participated in three-legged dodgeball, tug-of-war, volleyball, the scavenger hunt, and soccer! I miss playing sports!!! Our sea came in 4th overall, not too shabby.

I wish I were a kid again 🙁 we are growing up too fast!!!

Our fancy basketball/volleyball/soccer court...

Tug-of-war...why was I on the team? Beats me.

Synchronized swimming competition...too funny.


Submitted by Theresa, Abroad101 Global Ambassador on Semester at Sea