Interning Abroad: Sydney, Australia

When I first received approval from Michigan’s Center for Global and Intercultural Study getting an internship abroad had not dawned on me. However along with the materials for moving forward for a semester abroad in Sydney was information about classes and an internship placement program. I filled out the application on a whim but was approved to take on an internship as my 4th academic course.

An internship abroad is a large commitment but can also be great if you aren’t going to be home for summer or just want to take advantage of business in an international realm. Here at UNSW you are matched with companies in your field of study. Since I had been on the fence about doing an internship as a class I began researching companies before I arrived in Australia. Through the suggestion of a co-worker from my advertising internship last summer I perused The Australian media site had job listings and articles about the media industry here in Australia. By getting ahead and reaching out to companies I was prepared to start my internship as soon as possible.

After a riveting internship with an advertising agency last summer I was interested in trying a different communications career. So I explored Public Relations firm’s client lists and figured out what type of firm I wanted. Magnum PR a firm in the Surrey Hills suburb of Sydney (closer to my house than the city centre) fit the bill perfectly. Their clients were both international and Australian which interested me because of my specialty in comparative culture and identity.

Now after 4 weeks on the job, interning twice a week I am so glad about my decision. Not only has my internship allowed me to observe and partake in international business but it has also led to new friendships. In a small office I am kept busy and entertained by my 12 co-workers.  Although I have to get up at 6:45am twice a week to make the bus on time the work experience has been really worthwhile. I am gaining invaluable skills and won’t feel as pressured to intern when I arrive home mid summer before my senior year at Michigan. You are only abroad once, so why not take advantage of working in an international workplace.


Submitted by Mia, Abroad101 Global Ambassador in Sydney