Studying abroad this summer? Become an Abroad101 global ambassador!


We're so happy in our neon t-shirts!

We love our current global ambassadors so much that we want to recruit more! If you’re a college student who’s planning to study abroad this summer, consider becoming an Abroad101 global ambassador. You’ll have your writing showcased on our blog, gain valuable communications experience and get to sport one of our really cool neon t-shirts!

One of our current ambassadors in Hong Kong!

All we ask is that you contribute valuable content on a weekly basis in the form of blog posts and photos. Here are the must have’s:

1) Must be studying abroad summer 2012 as a current college student.

2) Must have a passion for travel, writing and adventure.

3) Must be super skilled with Facebook and other social media app’s that college students use.

4) Must be creative and have a sense of humor.


Nice to have:

1) Marketing experience

2) Photography and or video editing experience

Landing in Italy...

We view our global ambassadors as the “on the ground reporters” to show future study abroad students what it’s like to live in another country. Basically, you’re job will  be pretty cool.

Interested in applying? Deadline is April 15th!

Please send to

1) Your resume (including program you’re attending  / program dates)

2) A cover letter detailing why you’re qualified, why you chose your program and some ideas for a blog post and or video.

3) A short writing sample

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