Megan Down-Under: Gold Coast, OZ

I finally arrived on the Gold Coast of Australia!! I seriously didn’t think it’d be this much of a culture shock. I choose to study at Griffith University on the Gold Coast because it has everything that I could possibly want. I’m even taking classes for my major. Oh, the fact that it’s by a beach, is also another plus.

I’m from a small town on the outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Gold Coast is nothing that I could have ever imagined or hope for.

Let me just say, that I might not ever come home. There’s no way that I want to take that 13 hour flight ever again. I flew from Pittsburgh to Chicago, which was an hour and a half. Then, I flew from Chicago to San Francisco, which was 4 hours and a half hours. Then, I flew from San Francisco to Auckland, New Zealand, which was 13 hours! That was the worst flight ever, I couldn’t wait to land. I completely skipped February 16th! Finally, I flew from Auckland to the Gold Coast, which was 4 hours. Being on an airplane for that many hours was too much. I still feel jet lagged!

When, I got off the airplane, someone from the Uni, was waiting for me to take me to my apt. He told me to get in front. I got in on the drivers seat. He said “What are you doing?” (Remember they drive on the other side of the road in OZ) I said “Oh my gosh! Sorry!” I felt so dumb. I even told myself that I wouldn’t do that!

One thing I noticed is the speed limits are really high. On a back road, it said “70.” I started freaking out, then I realized it isn’t in mph. It’s in km. Oops!

This semester, I will be staying at an apartment. I have an American and an Australian roommate.

I’m excited to get to learn more about the Australian culture! This semester is going to be amazing!

Submitted by Mega, Abroad101 Global Ambassador on the Gold Coast, Australia