Graduate Students Encouraged to Study Abroad

Until recently, studying abroad was a popular expedition for undergraduates caught by the travel bug, and looking to experience the world beyond daily campus life. But there seems to be a new trend on the horizon! Now, more and more graduate students are venturing beyond their classroom studies to immerse themselves in the benefits of learning abroad.

Peggy Blumenthal, a senior counselor to the president at the Institute of International Education (IIE) in New York City, believes that an international experience is a crucial part to being a well-rounded professional in today’s competitive market.

Most graduate students focus heavily on a single topic that involves many commitments which restricts them from the ability to study abroad. In order to accommodate the intense schedule of a graduate student, schools are starting to offer shorter programs as administration recognizes the importance of global understanding. Another speed bump that limits graduate students from venturing abroad is their vital assistance to faculty members, who value their help with research initiatives and extensive projects. In order to accommodate this downside, many schools are encouraging faculty members to initiate joint projects with colleagues abroad and offer grants.

Although the schedules of grad students may seem too intimidating and rigorous to allow for experiences abroad, the benefits of going prove to be a driving factor in staying competitive with colleagues from around the world.

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