Whats New in Study Abroad

There are always new and exciting things happening in the world of study abroad! Here are some quick highlights:

Interested in being green while studying abroad? IES Study Abroad recently announced new programs they will be hosting which are part of a “go green” initiative for study abroad. Starting in the Fall of 2010 students will have the opportunity to take part in the “Freiburg Environmental Studies Program”. Here, they will take classes in environmental studies and sustainability. Along with the Frieburg program, IES will also be offering environmental studies classes on some of their sites throughout the world. Read more about IES’ environmental initiatives here.

Columbia University (nyc) has opened up new global centers worldwide in the past year. The first two being in Amman, Jordan and Beijing, China. They are planning on opening up other sites worldwide as well. Check it out here.

Community Colleges throughout the US are trying to send more of their students abroad. There are many obstacles because of budget cuts and lack of other necessary resources, but there is hope for growth. Read more about it here.

Check back for more info on whats new in study abroad!